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  1. Slave I's Avatar
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    Aug 15, 2009, 9:40 PM - MR Fett helmet question? #1

    Does anyone know if you completely strip out the padding that is already in the MR helmet, is the glue which is left behind cured, or does it remain sticky and tacky?

    I'm wanting to strip out mine and put it a hard hat liner, chin strap etc., and make it functional, not like a bobble head, and I just want to know what I'll be getting into.
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  3. Jangos kid's Avatar
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    Aug 15, 2009, 11:38 PM - Re: MR Fett helmet question? #2

    I did exactly that with mine. lemme tell ya, getting that old liner out is a wrestling match to say the least!!!!! About half way into it, i was afraid I was gonna ruin the whole bucket!!!! The old liner came out unbelievably hard!!!!!! It helps to heat it some, and eventualy I did get it out. The left over glue does remain, and doesn't look the best. Its pretty blobby and alot of the foam from the liner sticks to it. I used a wire wheel to clean out most of the foam, but unfortuneatlly, that glue is permanent. I gave the whole inside orf the helmet a coat of dark grey primer, (similar to the look of the original buckets,) which helped make it much less tacky/crummy. Then I put in a new lvisor and hard hat suspension.

    Go slow if you decide you want to do it though!!! Once you start pulling out that existing liner, it tears and becomes destroyed almost right away!!! If you start pulling it out, theres no going back!!!!!!
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  4. BobaFettSlave1's Avatar
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    Aug 16, 2009, 1:16 AM - Re: MR Fett helmet question? #3

    What he says is no joke. Tearing that bastard of a liner out is no fun time. im glad i never have to go through that hell ever again
  5. Slave I's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Aug 16, 2009, 10:51 AM - Re: MR Fett helmet question? #4

    Hmmm, if that's the case, I wonder if I would be better off just cutting slits into the liner, pulling out the padding where I need it, and slipping the connecting areas in and gorilla gluing in plus, thus, leaving most of the padding. I was hoping to add a chin strap too.

    Thanks guys.
  6. Fett4reaL's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Aug 16, 2009, 6:35 PM - Re: MR Fett helmet question? #5

    I was wondering the same thing...I got my mr helmet and I wanted to add a chin strap so thanks for the good info even though I didn't ask the question

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