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    Jun 6, 2016, 10:52 AM - Boba Fett helmet build / questions #1

    Hey guys been around a while but never really post, My name is Michael and have a life size boba fett from DarthMiller and its amazing. I am now going to try and paint my very own helmet super excited about it but at the same very overwhelmed lol

    Today is a great day here at work we are very slow and i have a bit of time on my hands so i have been going over alot of threads and seeing how everyone paints and does their own thing.

    My main question is if someone could help me out here is i am lost on how to use all these stencils i understand that they require to be resize depending on the helmet you have, The thing i dont get cuz i have never done it before is what are the steps to getting the stencils onto the helmet. Also for the kill strips for example when do you know they are the right size? I know for the mandibles they will fir right in but for the kill stripes its kinda an open area.

    I am very sorry if this has been asked already it is i am on my cell phone and the search doesn't seem to like taptalk and keeps giving me error #311 and i don't have asses to a pc

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    Jun 6, 2016, 12:23 PM - Re: Boba Fett helmet build / questions #2

    I think the final step (once sized properly) is to print onto "carbon" paper, so you can then transfer the stencil pattern (by rubbing the paper to leave the outline in "carbon") to the helmet and cover that bit with masking fluid. That's how I intend to start once I get to my helmet. I've seen others that trim the stencil bit and trace it onto the helmet.

    For sizing, you can get a pretty good idea by comparing the sizes of your (say kill stripes) template to the reference pictures. There are also folks here that make vinyl for kill stripes.

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