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    Aug 2, 2012, 5:03 PM - BlackCatBone's GMH paint-up! #1

    Here's my final project photos for my ESB project. GMH helmet, with Bobamaker rangefinder (no RF came with my GMH). Used the layer method with Rusto paints. My goal (as with my RotJ helmet,) was not to 100% match the screen-used damage, but to get as close as I could "freehanding" it using photo refs. I'm a graphic designer, and it was important to have a little of my own spin on it.

    This is my first ever ESB paint job.

    I'm also a fan of a dirty bucket, so I may have grimed it up a little more than usual. More scratches, more smudges, but most helmets I see don't look "lived-in" enough for me. So I went full steam ahead.

    If you'd like to see the entire step-by-step process, visit my BUILDING BOBA blog:

    I hope to have final photos of my full RotJ armor soon.

    But without further ado...

    And here's my GMH ESB with my TerminalFettler RotJ!

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    Aug 4, 2012, 10:26 PM - Re: BlackCatBone's GMH paint-up! #2

    awsome helmets man! I especially like the ROTJ helmet. It looks really good!

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