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    Dec 24, 2010, 12:37 PM - SERIOUS Fett fanfilm TRILOGY: plot, comments, etc. #1

    Hello fellow Fett fans, I realize some of you out there see these posts all the time of Boba appearing in fan films, or shorts that tell a cool story of the bounty hunter, but what of a REAL telling of what happens to the Star Wars character outside of Ep. 2, 4, 5, and 6; and even his brief, yet epic, apperence in the Clone Wars TV series? I am also aware of the heresay of the live action Star Wars series on TV; FX allegedly to pick up dark storyline with Fett as Side character. But Iv recently been making a lot of money through my job workin in movie and tv shows, along with experience, and time off between work. I plan on currently sockpiling some cash away for the Production: Wardrobe, armor, props, talent, locations, prostetics, etc, etc... I have a good list of crew people to do filming and things of that nature, purhaps even enlisting a college film class to undertake the project for the csemester, but I have not contacted them, yet. And along with dealing with key actors and key wardrobe, its my hope to find awesome actors and costumes from places like here at DH to find people open to this awesome project. However, I am met with just a couple of issues and decissions I'm hoping some of you fine people could help me with. 1) Story: while I am in the middle of brainstorming all 3 plots, its my goal to blend Fett storys of books, films, and cartoon; while not following one path in particular, but crossing over each in order to keep things "fresh". 2) Computer effects VS. Traditional Effects: This is a MAJOR problem for me. I know that computer graphics can make things easier and look more real, but I would have to go way out of my way to film things in that extra motion capture and other computer stuff, and pay someone extra to do it, or take a more traditional route. I would rather model, build, and do things more for real. Basicly Ep.lll VS. Ep.lV in terms of special effects. Or perhaps a mix of both like Ep.1. 3). Fan support! That's where everything starts in the first place! Ill lay out how I hope to string the Fett story inbetween what we all have already seen and read. Please leave any and all constructive critisism on this masterplan of mine, even if you think I'm way over my head. Just please let me know what you think, and if you are in the Southern California area, and might like to get directly involved with this production, just let me know also.

    The first installment takes place immedietly after the Battle of Genosis, and end right before his apperence in the Clone Wars TV show. This episode is loosely based on the Scholastic Boba Fett books, but not at all follows the book page by page. Dooku and Aurra Sing will be key characters, while Jabba, Anakin, and many Clone Troopers also make an apperence in this episode.

    The second installment starts in the middle, and most conflicted part of the clone wars; right before Revenge of the Sith. This is my most blank episode. More intense bountys and the first meetings with Dengar and other bounty hunters. Thoughts on Fett owning droids? I have several droid charaters that could play well in the storyline; not as friendly as 3po or r2 of course. Episode ends with the Empire being declared.

    The final installment begins before A New Hope, and the Empire is the Leader of the galaxy and has a hold on everything, Rebelion has just barely started. A lot of dealings with Jabba. A lot of Fett vs. Empire and Stormtrooper conflict. A little blank on this episode too. Thoughts on a bounty trying to sudduce Fett as they go through crazy situations? Twelik perhaps??? The episode ends with a transmission that leads Fett to a Star Destroyer and the scene from episode V, where Vader posts the bounty on the Falcon.

    Thank you for reading, and please leave ANY AND ALL comments and ideas! Every bit helps! And ill be sure to be back on to keep you all updated on how things are going!

    Scott "fett for the" Winn

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    Dec 26, 2010, 1:06 PM - Re: SERIOUS Fett fanfilm TRILOGY: plot, comments, etc. #2

    I reallly can't believe no one's posted on this yet. Welcome to the party, Fett4thewinn! I've wanted to do a fan film of I, Jedi for some time, breaking it into a trilogy by it's major components. So yeah, I can see your idea being freakishly AMAZING if it's done properly. Just remember that what you're talking about is a huge undertaking absolving a great deal of your own time and money (unless, of course you're funded, but even in that case I don't suggest charging people for the finished product as Star Wars is not your property to begin with).

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