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    Nov 1, 2011, 7:16 AM - Scratch built for Halloween Finished but not Complete #1

    Well I joined this site back a few months and originally had no intentions to finish my costume for Halloween. I am by no means completely finished with my costume. I am just getting started with it though I finished it for Halloween. Most of it is scratchbuilt and a lot of parts are rushed as well as the paint job. Please forgive the inaccurate paint schemes and some of the many flaws. I just wanted to thank everyone on here for their help, inspiration and I will post a few pictures of my costume. I am hoping to complete a 501st accurate Fett suit by 2013 in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Return Of The Jedi.
    My helmet is a cold cast FettPride made by Asok, the flight suit I got from Tsophika it is made by skygunbro. My vest and neck seal was made by my wifes aunt. Everything else is pretty much scratch built except the Hasbro toy blaster. I got my braid hair from Gstam66 and braided them myself. To all that supplied parts and pieces thanks and to all that inspired and provided tips and information on here thank you very much. I must say that without the plans provided by Allan from Wizards of Flight I would not have been able to have made this from scratch. Also almost forgot to mention the pouch tutorial by Batninja and spat tutorial by RichyD and Flak vest by Darth Mule. I'm sure I have failed to mention everyone out there that has provided tips but thank you all. Here is link for soft parts. Here is link for the armor. Again thank you all.

    Here is picture of my little nephew Flip. He is dressed as an Astronaut and has my Blaster! Flip Vs. Fett!

    Please forgive the pouches being upside down and I forgot the shin tools. I was rushed to get the suit on. I'll post more pictures.
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    Nov 1, 2011, 7:37 AM - Re: Scratch built for Halloween Finished but not Complete #2

    Here are some pictures of my completed parts. -Lots of Pictures

    Rocket pack. Please forgive the inaccurate paint job. I'm hoping to replace this eventually with a MOW pack.

    Here are my scratchbuilt gauntlets. They were made from cardboard and resin.

    Here are my shin tools. They are made from wood, trash can plastic, airfreshner top, plastic ball point pens, electric tape and Hot Glue!

    My cod Piece was made from cardboard and resin. I used elastic and hot glue to attach to the back plate. I also used a plastic piece from original plastic cod piece to attach to this. I like the cardboard but the thin layer of resin allows the ribbing in the cardboard to show through. This would be easy to fix with more layers of resin but I was in a crunch on time. All these pieces are going to be replaced eventually!

    My ammo belt. The pouches are made from cardboard and the stiches are painted on. The belt is not accurate. Just a plain old leather belt. I buckled it in the back.

    My braids I made from synthetic hair.

    My scratch built boots. These are made from "Faded Glory" (Converse) High Top sneakers, canvas, hot glue. The toe spikes are wook with cardboard for the plates. They don't hold up well with a lot of walking. Back to the drawing board.

    Spats are made from canvas and cardboard hot glued. They attach with velcro.

    My back plate with collar and cape attached. This did not hold up well from getting in and out of vehicle for trick or treating. I managed to rip the cardboard at each side from entering and exiting the truck.

    Again all these parts are scratchbuilt and rushed for Halloween. I'll be replacing all these eventually.
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    Nov 1, 2011, 8:44 PM - Re: Scratch built for Halloween Finished but not Complete #3

    Your costume turned out great man! Gotta hand it to you for wanting to continue the build to make it 501st accurate. It's November 1st and I'm in lazy mode, so I'm done costume building until 2012's costume lol.

    Your braids look 10X better and much more accurate than mine haha. Mine were way too bulky.

    Nice work, can't wait to see the upgrades.
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    Nov 2, 2011, 5:03 AM - Re: Scratch built for Halloween Finished but not Complete #4

    Well done for a first build. Your nephew seems to get the better of you though. He'll grow up to be a fine Hunter.
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    Nov 2, 2011, 6:58 AM - Re: Scratch built for Halloween Finished but not Complete #5

    Thanks Gstam and thanks again for the braid hair. You were an answer to my prayers. As I was nearing completion of my suit I was wondering the whole time where in world I was going to get my braids for a good price. The braids were one of the details I really didn't want to skip. Thanks so much!

    Thanks Spero I appreciate the comments and feedback! I learned a lot on this first "starter" build. I also have gained some good experience by trying my suit out at the Fall Festival and Trick O' Treating. When Luke Skywalker says "I can't see a thing in this helmet!" in A New Hope I now know what he meant! With limited peripheral vision and limited range of motion I don't see how this suit would give Boba any advantage in a fight! I have a long ways to go with true completion. Yes my little nephew was having a fun time with the toy blaster. He will make a fine warrior!

    I think what I enjoyed the most wearing the costume was the expression from the children. One little boy at the Fall Festival was asking his dad who was I suppose to be. His dad explained I was Boba Fett a bounty hunter from Star Wars. His son asked which Star Wars;The Clone Wars?
    No, his dad said. He was from the Original Trilogy!
    The little 5 year old boy then asked. "What is the Original Trilogy?"

    I also had people calling me Darth Vader and one child thought I was G.I. Joe solider.

    Overall I had a great time and I won second place in a local costume contest in my small town.
    I now have Fett Feaver! I'm hooked on building my suit and perfecting it!
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