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    Jul 17, 2008, 6:32 PM - Sci-Fire ComiCon 2008 Challenge Coin!!! #1

    Sci-Fire ComiCon 2008 Challenge Coins!!!!

    Hey Everyone!!! just how excited is everyone for ComiCon next week!!!!

    Due to the recent overwhelming demand for our 2007 Challenge Coins, We have decided to do another limited run of Challenge Coins for ComiCon 2008…still limited to just 100 in the total print run…pictured you will see the print proof provided by the mfg...I believe they are more gold then they appear...

    The key difference this year is that we will be asking for donations to acquire the coins…as some of you have seen we at Sci-Fire have been focusing more energy to charitable ventures…

    For ComiCon 2008 we have chosen the RedCross as the recipient for all donations received from the 2008 Challenge Coins…

    JB and I have already paid for the entire run of coins…the only thing needed to acquire a Sci-Fire 2008 Challenge Coin is to find JB or myself and donate a minimum of $20.00 per coin… we will try to limit this to 501st members during ComiCon…any surplus coins left after this years ComiCon will be auctioned off at a later date…

    In all honesty it is not much to ask to make a small difference for a greater cause…so if you can, please forego that one extra action figure and help out the RedCross = )

    Thank you
    Lewis & John

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