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    May 10, 2010, 11:10 AM - Revised Snake Eyes Gear #1

    Hey All:

    I've got some new armor and a few new things for my gear which some i made from scratch on my mandoalorian armor and gear. But later on I'll be having a new complete set up that is going to be a lot different from what you see here.

    Here Starts The Show Off:

    The Gear With Armor & Some Weapons

    The Right Side Gauntlet:

    Left Side Gauntlet:

    The Belt With A Home Made Holster For The E-11 Blaster:

    Thigh & Knee Armor:

    Front Of My Helmet: (Still In Works)

    Back With My Name In Mandalorian:

    Right Side:

    Left Side:

    And The Made Finish Helmet Swamp Clone Trooper Front:

    Back With Working Light In Fin:

    Inside With Padding:

    Front Plate For The Speeder Bike:

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