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    Dec 28, 2009, 4:42 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #51

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  3. Wes is offline Wes
    Dec 28, 2009, 4:43 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #52

    Quote ART ANDREWS said: View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong on this. What you are saying is that if someone obtains a piece that they didn't create... they do X% of cleanup to the piece (leaving most of the original intact), and then offer the piece that they shouldn't be able to say that piece can't be copied? Am I correct that this is what you are saying and if so, are you sure about that?

    If I am not correct please explain to me why you feel FP would have no claim whatsoever to the reworked helmet, no matter how much or how little work he did to it.

    Can you think of any other instances where someone has a helmet they didn't make but had slightly modded and then recast in which you would surely NOT be ok happy if it were declared as not their work and therefore completely ok to recast? I sure can think of one and I think we would both agree on that issue so why is this situation different?
    I agree that if a substanial amount of work was done to it, he can cry foul. Is it right in the grand scheme of things? I think not, I tend to side with CombatBaby. "Don't ask don't tell" seems to be the policy with props.

    With that said, I stand my ground saying FP did little to nothing on the MR prototype to call "dibs" on it. Not only that but this comment by him says more to me than it might to others.

    If someone decides to take liberties with it because they feel that it wasn't my work to begin with, make no mistake you will still be called out on it and exposed for recasting another "Member's" work.
    Note the "Members" in quotes, as if to say its ok to recast the MR but not my stuff and since I'm the only one to let this helmet out, its my stuff.

    Just not right....not right at all.
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    Dec 28, 2009, 5:05 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #53

    Quote Wes said: View Post
    Note the "Members" in quotes, as if to say its ok to recast the MR but not my stuff and since I'm the only one to let this helmet out, its my stuff.
    I see what you are getting at... still struggling with it when considering other issues in the ame context but more or less, your argument is that FP is essentially claiming ownership of the unaltered MR. If that were the case (and I will leave it up to FP to defend it if he wants because I have no idea what he modded and what he didn't) then I would tend to agree with you although I would assume even an unmodded cast would have some type of tell that could be identified if someone's cast that would differentiate it from another MR casting that someone did straight off the helmet and I suppose their could be an arguement made for "don't cast my casting but you can cast your own from the original source." But my question is, do you really think FP is stating that he feels he has some type of banket rights to ANY casting of the MR and do you think there is anyone here who would support that if that is what he were saying (FP, I am sure you are reading this and I sure hope that isn't the case)?
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    Dec 28, 2009, 5:09 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #54

    In the end we all die with toys.....
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    Dec 28, 2009, 5:29 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #55

    Its just a movie guys! Cann't we all just get along!
  7. ZeroVisibilite is offline ZeroVisibilite
    Dec 28, 2009, 5:52 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #56

    Quote CombatBaby said: View Post
    Also, Chris DOES deserve a lot of credit for fixing up the helmet , but he then needs to sell it for what it is.
    I agree, No one said he couldn't sell it for what ever he chooses, and that it didn't take effort to obtain it. But to hype it so people believe that it is the quintessential fett prop is wrong, It is nothing more than a MR either way you look at it. I mean read some of the posts people, In my opinion, and that's all it is, people that have very minimal time here are being taken advantage of. look at the majority of the start dates. They are by average less than 2 years. not saying that's not enough time to be educated but this comes along, and people believe it's the holy grail and they will spend. Very good marketing, agreed, but to take advantage is, in my opinion, wrong , and wrong for a group of friends to allow it to happen to newcomers. People like Chris, that is a fact, I for one, am not posting any of this to deter that. But everyone should know what they are getting into.
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    Dec 28, 2009, 6:38 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #57

    The FPH and the MR helmets are the 2 most accurate helmets available right now IMO. There are inconsistencies with the MysteryHelmet, though it has some direct lineage, it isn't nearly as accurate. And there are other helmet makers, like Terminal Fettler, that don't produce helmets any longer and BM whom makes a great helmet, a GREAT helmet, but isnt superbly available here in the US as to his UK buyers.

    You are making Chris to sound like he is selling an airbubbled, warped POS to people and targeting newer members in attempts to swindle money from them.

    ...In my opinion, and that's all it is, people that have very minimal time here are being taken advantage of. look at the majority of the start dates.They are by average less than 2 years. not saying that's not enough time to be educated but this comes along, and people believe it's the holy grail and they will spend
    You guys are digging deep into the barrel looking for something to slap ban cuffs on Chris. First it was that he was recasting, then that he is trying to claim "casting only" rights to an MR, and now its that he is attempting to bait newer members into buying subpar quality product when in fact they will be getting a VERY accurate (to date) replica helmet. I don't see where this ends...

    Please give me SOLID INDISPUTABLE evidence that Chris is leading people to believe they are buying a product in which he is falsely portraying. He told a backstory as to the origins of a helmet....nothing more. He didn't pitch that this is THE HELMET TO HAVE! HI BILLY MAYS HERE BUY THIS HELMET BECAUSE ITS THE LAST TIME YOU'LL GET TO, ACCURATE HELMETS WILL NEVER BE PRODUCED AGAIN AFTER THIS, SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED.... NO. He hasn't done any of that. He has simply stated and shown photos that he believes it to be the most accurate helmet to date, and in all honesty in starting out myself with a DP95 and now to fixed up MR Helmet; I believe Chris to have the most accurate helmets available.

    And those people see the product and its a good price. I love BMs work, but I'm NOT willing to pay 300+ for a helmet. I love the fact that Chris is offering a super accurate helmet to community. And his reputation so far is untarnished. Chris has followed up on his orders, be it he might have gotten backed up with the things going on in his life, but I think it's a safe bet to say he is not "taking advantage" of people by loading facts towards his helmet being greatest thing since sliced bread.
  9. ZeroVisibilite is offline ZeroVisibilite
    Dec 28, 2009, 6:53 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #58

    Quote Gilmore of OK said: View Post
    You are making Chris to sound like he is selling an airbubbled, warped POS to people and targeting newer members in attempts to swindle money from them.
    I don't believe he is warped, Or a POS. I don't think he is swindling anyone for anything. I do believe that there is a certain undertone of "You can only get it here." going on and people are responding to it. I feel they have the right to make there own decisions and they will. What difference does it make if they have all the info then.

    Quote Gilmore of OK said: View Post
    You guys are digging deep into the barrel looking for something to slap ban cuffs on Chris. First it was that he was recasting, then that he is trying to claim "casting only" rights to an MR, and now its that he is attempting to bait newer members into buying subpar quality product when in fact they will be getting a VERY accurate (to date) replica helmet.
    Actually, All three are happening at the same time, by 3 different people. And oddly enough I have never spoken or PM to either one. So there isn't a conspiracy here. AT least not one I'm involved in.

    Noone said it was sub-par. If its like anything else sold here, with few exceptions, it will be top notch as the members here won't tolerate garbage being passed off or slow ship times. I know that, and never claimed otherwise.
  10. fettpride is offline fettpride
    Dec 29, 2009, 11:17 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #59

    I've been biting my tongue. I swore that I wouldn't dignify these attacks with any further response. But your bating has forced me to. I don't see any other choice. It is of course, what you want after all. Though, I am uncertain what good will come of it, as it feels like an utter waste of time when it appears to everyone that you don't read anything I type back to you.

    I am going to go over this, point by point. One last time. If you can't absorb it, that isn't my problem. If you don't agree with it, or if you're intolerant of it ... well, it's here anyway. For you to refer to back to any time you wish, so that you may read it as many times as it takes for it to sink in that there is no weight behind your attacks, and that it's painfully obvious to the majority here that all any of this is about is your personal ill will toward me. Perhaps, whenever you get the itch to bash "Ol' FP" again - you can come back here to revel in your absurdity.

    You're all aware of what bothers me the most. That of course is your soulless comments on my helmet thread in regards to Pam. But there is more. Every time you, or any of your people do this, it takes away from the membership. When I am forced to take the time to type senseless novels like this, the membership pays for it. Because there is time for little else. If you feel that I need not type these novels, you're sadly mistaken. If I don't, you and your friends will continue to chip away at the membership here until you've convinced everyone who will listen, that I am the demon you make me out to be. It's a sad, sad state of affairs when a hobby, or a project that revolves around science fiction has to turn into personal assaults, and defenses. You should take a step back and reflect on your actions. It is the most childish behavior I've ever seen in my nearly 40 years. You're all grown men. And you're acting like bitchy school girls. I'm seriously at my edge with you people. This is all of the "civil" I have left, I assure you.

    To the membership, I apologize for having to openly deal with this garbage in front of you, once again. But I assure you all, this will be the very last time that I involve myself in these matters.

    To those members who are keeping this going, I'm going to respond to each accusation, one by one. For public display, as you so wish it.

    1. Fettpride is making recasts of mass produced helmets, and calling them his own.

    Quote FETTPRIDE said:

    This helmet is in fact based on an "MR PRODUCTION" helmet as some of you have already surmised. NOT an "MR PROTOTYPE". Although there is quite a bit of prototype influence living on in it's refinements.

    It has had extensive retooling to achieve a higher level of accuracy, without sterilization of what was already there to begin with. I chose this helmet for obvious reasons. The basics were there. It just needed a nudge here and there. Is it perfect? No way. It never will be. It's an MR Production helmet. There are so many things wrong with it that it would take weeks of open discussion to sort out. That my friends, is truth in advertising

    Where is it exactly, that I'm claiming this helmet as my own work ?

    Quote FETTPRIDE said:

    So I present you with my "MR PROTOTYPE" base. It is the first "MR PROTOTYPE" to be shared openly with the community. Greed, stinginess, and politics have kept this helmet from reaching our members. So I'm stepping up to be the bad guy - again As I've said in the past, I like to share what I acquire. If it was just for the money, I'd likely not bother. The politics behind it are worth no dollar amount.

    Has it been reworked? That is a matter of opinion. Anyone that has an "MR PROTOTYPE" can verify that they have a few issues. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what needed a little TLC. Did I sterilize it? Certainly not. I wouldn't dream of it. Over a year in the making to do it carefully. To do it right. Some can say that it's all about personal interpretation. And where I would normally agree with this ... we've come way too far, and have far too much information and reference available to us these days not to get it right What has been done to this helmet, has only brought it closer to what we aspire to getting our hands on. The pictures speak for themselves. What it comes down to is pretty blunt actually. If you don't like what you see ... please remember that no one is forcing it on you

    Again, where did you get that I am claiming this helmet as my own work ?? Can you people actually read? Or do you have selective vision when it comes to people you have no use for ?

    2. Fettpride didn't do anything to either one of these helmets. There have been no progress pictures, so he's trying to put one over on the community.

    Quote FETTPRIDE said:
    These helmets are what they are. Inevitably, someone will ask for "Progress Pictures". There are no progress pictures that I am willing to share. To be clear on the matter ... "Progress Pictures" are historically requested (and expected for that matter) when someone is suspected of "Recasting" someone else's work. I would say that it is more than a moot point when it comes to the nature and content of this thread. Please do not ask for them. It is "NOT" open for discussion. I'm not the first - and certainly not to be the last. The MR Production helmet has been floating around here by two other respected members nearly since they first came out So please don't be mean, or judgmental. Neither of these helmets are another member's work. That is where my integrity will always stand the test of time. However, where it is still a fine line between another members work and something from a dead company - I will not debate it here. And I would ask the same of all of you. If it weren't for people doing what I'm doing - we would never get good parts. And you all well know it. If you bite the hand that provides, we all lose. Again, if you don't like what you see, you can take the debatable moral high road in the matter since no one is forcing it on you. If this thread gets out of hand, I will petition the administration to shut it down. I'm sorry if that sounds mean, and really just to the left of my personality. I just want to make sure it is understood that I will not tolerate cheap shots, or being blind sided with empty accusations for that matter.

    Again, selective vision? Do you think that the membership hasn't read this already when it was originally posted? New members, and OLD members alike? I made it clear that I was not willing to post progress pictures. I made it clear that I was not willing to debate it. Everyone here but 3 of you ... read it for what it is, and still expressed interest in my project anyway. But since you want to grasp ahold of this and not let it go, I will address it anyway. One time only. Take it, or leave it.

    I was warned by members of the administration as well as the membership to keep an eye open, and to watch my back, because the lot of you were up in arms after catching wind of my latest project. It's pretty sad when the Administration gets inundated with whining messages and disturbing senseless phone calls from your people because they heard that "Ol' FP" was getting ready to let the "Prototype" out of the bag and were none too happy about it. I was warned that your "people" were already gearing up for attack. I knew before I clicked "Submit" on the cargo hold thread, that it would likely, and quickly turn into a smackfest in "Ol' FP's" honor.

    The above quoted statement was for "YOUR" benefit, in case it really took you this long to figure that out.

    The following statement however, was for the benefit of the good people of our membership ....

    Quote FETTPRIDE said:
    If anyone has doubts as to the authenticity of the claims behind the "Premium Helmet" - I am more than willing to discuss it privately. Mainly to protect the source. However, it is no big secret that I've had an MR Prototype for a very long time. And, I have a second on the bench even as I type this. And there are so many people that know about that one it's ridiculous Those of you that are lucky enough to have the few of them that exist, will be able to tell instantly where this helmet came from. The rest of you, will just have to have a little faith. I'm taking enough risks without having to pony up sources and getting people in trouble. If I haven't already said it enough, if you don't like what you see, no one is forcing it upon you

    I have discussed it with many individuals privately. It's not my fault that you were so cowardly that you couldn't come to me privately and ask for yourselves. There are no secrets, with the exception of the source I obtained the original Prototype casting from. If he wasn't a great guy, I'd likely give him up, just to rattle the cages of your "Boys Club" even further Instead, you chose a public campaign - a pathetic attempt to plant doubt in the heads of the people of our membership, and in turn you made complete fools of yourselves because you didn't know that I saw it coming, and pre planned for this garbage. Checkmate.

    I refuse to sling mud with you people. My mindset was not to offer any of you dignity enough to think or feel that you warrant explanation from me, for anything. Because you do not. You're only here to attack me for reasons that do not apply to this project, no for reasons that are of any benefit of the board or her membership. It's that simple. You can claim all day long, that you're trying to save the membership from certain conartistry. You can claim that people should be informed to what they are buying. But like you accusing me of having an agenda, I accuse you of having one as well. And every time you post these attacks, it becomes increasingly more evident to everyone else that you have one too. I wish I could say that this was a diabolical plan of my design ... sadly, it is not. But predictably enough, you've fallen right in. You're exposing yourselves to be jealous, petty individuals that just can't stand the idea that someone else is taking thunder away from your own forum and her purist "Boys Club" mentality. It just kills you guys, that someone else has offered an item publicly, that was thought to be a sacred memento only to be shared between a certain few individuals in certain circles. That, is what this is all really about. Oh, and the fact that it's me that is doing it, just sends you over the edge.

    3. FP is putting his name on these helmets, calling them his own, and condemning anyone that may recast them in the future, when all he has done is recast them himself. Why doesn't he just sell them for what they are, so that any poor college kid can share them with all of his friends later for cheap. ? Fettpride is acting like he has staked an exclusive claim to the prototype helmet ...

    I've explained this privately too. But seriously, you've got to be kidding me? Wes, did you really just say that ? That has to be the most narrow minded, childish and almost arguably the least intelligent thing I've ever heard a man of you cranial fortitude say? Are you regressing ?

    Once again .. for the record ...

    Quote FETTPRIDE said:
    On the matter of recasting - I suspect that the "Premium Helmet" will likely become the next "Mystery Helmet". It sucks, but I think anyone can predict the inevitable. These have never been offered openly - so now that I've taken the first step in "outing" them ... they will eventually be exploited I'm sure. For the record, there are so many "Tells" on this helmet that it's ridiculous If someone decides to take liberties with it because they feel that it wasn't my work to begin with, make no mistake you will still be called out on it and exposed for recasting another "Member's" work. There is too much of my time and energy invested in it, regardless of what it's origins are

    Where in that statement am I telling people they can't recast it ? I said quite to the contrary actually. I said, that it "WILL" likely be exploited. By saying that there are "tells" on the helmet, and that if anyone recasts it - I'll call them out ... is just that. I worked hard to set my prototype aside from the rest - should they be made available by someone else, because I want credit for the modifications I made to my own. I feel my mods are the most accurate. Just as you would, if you worked on one and offered it up. I'm not saying anything remotely close to my implying that I own the prototype, or have any exclusive claims to it? Where in the hell did you get that ?? I'm saying, that if someone recasts it thinking they're being slick, I'm saying I'm going to call you out on it because I will be able to prove that it's the Prototype "I" produced, as opposed to one that someone else may produce later. Furthermore, if someone wants to recast it, go right ahead I'm saying, I'll be able to tell. I'll be able to see the work "I" invested in the helmet. Not the work that "You" invested, or that someone else invested. Work invested. Me. My own sweat. Can it be any more clear ?? If you were to rework one of these helmets and shared them with the membership, "YOU" (meaning each and every one of you overly sensitive types) would be bent all to hell if someone recast yours. Plain, and simple. I could see the "Someone recast my work" thread now You're all hypocrites, grasping at straws to make me look bad. No one, is so closed minded that they couldn't understand what I was trying to say. Your problem, is that you're all trying to read between the lines. Or trying to find something nefarious in everything I say.

    If I didn't make myself clear enough, let me say it again. It's about setting my helmet aside from the rest. Putting my "label" on it, tells people that if I buy a "Fettpride" version, I'm likely to get a prototype that is closest in shape and detail to the original that he started with, maybe even with the proper modifications to make it more accurate because he's been at this for the better part of 10 years. They don't have to second guess that it's is or isn't something that some new guy coughed up claiming to be the end all be all with no credibility. Years from now, when someone starts a thread asking for someone to help identify a helmet for them, will only be because someone who hates me grinds out the seal Good Lord, what is wrong with you people ?? You really and truly don't understand any of that ? Am I living in an alternate reality where any resemblance of common sense died when the apes took over ? It is so unbelievably apparent that none of you are really that slow, this is personal - or you wouldn't still be attacking me and spouting off your ridiculous accusations.

    4. Fettpride could be a Rockstar in Marketing ...

    Again, you draw your own conclusions, with absolutely no proof. And you present your warped perspective as truth. I sent Alex a helmet because he PAID for one. He showed it off at Fan Days. How is that a marketing crime? What alex did from that point forth was on his own. On his own time. And quite frankly, when Alex posted his pictures it was actually really bad timing. When he made his post, I got slammed with messages, and had to make excuses to the community because I couldn't talk about specifics yet, and he did not know because he and I rarely talk these days. Make of it what you will. Just another transparent attempt at making me look like a bad guy. But don't bring Alex into this. You have no right whatsoever. And while we're on that subject, why is it that your group constantly calls me out as "The Dallas Crew" or "The Dallas Malcia?" In case anyone is confused about this, I live in Oregon. Get your facts straight.

    If anyone should be considered a part of a "Malicia", I believe that it is you, and your group.

    Malicia (Malice) is a concept in Capoeira that is both simple and complex. Its Latin root, mal, meaning 'bad,' or 'ill,' would imply a concept of evilness. However, contextually speaking, malicia translates best as 'trickery/deceit.' Malicia, at its heart in Capoeira, is the art of deceiving your opponent and tricking them into a compromising position.

    If there is anyone here that doesn't feel that this applies, please continue to read.

    5. Fettpride released a rocket that he claimed to be a screen original and it turned out to be a Jango Fett Rocket.

    Mrbungle, that is the only thing I've heard you rant about now for 10 months until recently. I've personally watched you distort it, twist it, and turn it - over these past months until it appeared you were happy with your newly fabricated truth - and you spread it to everyone who will listen. Do you think people are stupid? You don't think people haven't seen that your signature has contained one underhanded punch in "My" face after another for the last 9 months ?? And you're spouting off here as if my helmet project had nothing to do with your personal issues with me? You're not as slick as you think brother. You and I know why you have issues with me. You must surely remember that you admitted to me, that your feelings for me were influenced second had - as I surely had no idea who you were when you came at me the way you did early this year. You want to air things out, lets do it brother? For the record, Mrbungle ordered a $50 backplate from a guy that he thoroughly despised because of what all of his friends told him about me. If he disliked me so much, why did he bother to come to me ?? Because that's the way these guys roll. The will be nice at first, so they can get what they want. Now, remember carefully what it was that sent you off the deep end with me ? This isn't a trick question? I'll help you out ...

    Mrbungle PM'd me to ask what the status was of his order. I could be wrong, I'd have to refer to the original PM, but his order had not been standing for an unreasonable amount of time. And because I didn't return his PM in a 24 or 48 hour period (I can't remember off the top of my head exactly) he decided to send another message to get my attention that basically called me a POS. He told me that the least I could have done was take 2 seconds to respond to his PM. Do you happen to remember what I said Mrbungle? I told you, that if I took 2 seconds to respond to every PM in my box, everyday - that 2 seconds would have to be multiplied by an average of 80 + standing PM's (or something to that effect) in my box at any given time - and that adds up to not getting any work done whatsoever. Of course there was more. But that is the gist. Part of my response I remember asking him who the hell he was that he thought he could speak to someone like that he didn't even know, and that I won't tolerate being treated that way - and promptly refunded his money. Which sent him off the deep end, and it's been animosity every since. His response contained an admission that the good majority of what he knew about me was in fact second hand through one if his closest friends - Skygunbro. For the record, Skygunbro is another individual who has consistently bashed me every chance he could find, because I embarrassed him on the open forum a number of years ago.

    Do you see how this works folks ? Personal grudges. Every single one of these guys. I've personally offended each and every one of them at some point in the past.

    Back to the matter of the rocket, for Mrbungle's sake. I never implied it was anything other than what it is. It is a Fox Studio Jango Fett rocket - cast from an original Boba Fett rocket during the production of Episode 2. It was an unbelievably poor casting - so we had it remade in aluminum. The original casting has been in more hands than I care to remember during this process, and is unequivocal what it is and where it came from. It is what it is. What the hell is your beef over that ? You people did what you set out to do. You damaged sales for the guy who funded the project because of doubt you placed in everyone's minds when you attacked Alex for it earlier this year, much like you're doing to me now. Why is it that you feel it necessary to bring things like this up when none of this has anything to do with the other ? I'll tell you why, another feeble attempt at making me look bad to the membership. It's what you people do. When you attack someone, you inevitably end up bringing up everything you "THINK" you have on someone to make them look bad all at once. You don't think that there are enough military here to see that is a "War" tactic ????? So transparent, it's sickening. The only other reason to bring past "issues" up at times like this, is to do as you did before. And that is retard sales because that is what you believe I'm all about. Sales.

    On that note, I'm going to say a few words about my sales. And how it's so unbelievably NOT your business it's pathetic.

    There is but one of you three attacking me here and now, that makes anything for anyone. So I don't expect for all of you to understand the process, or what is involved producing anything for anyone, especially in larger numbers. So I will explain it.

    If you think that you can produce fiberglass castings of any Fett helmet with all of the ups and extras (the right way) for $50 - please ... take the reins. It's that simple. You demonize me for coming to the board with the budget helmet because you do not believe that I am actually giving back to the community. Do you really know what is involved in fiber glassing a helmet casting correctly ? I'm not talking about slushing urethane resin around in a mold a few times. I'm talking 4 layers per casting - 2 layers of gel coat, and 2 lamination layers, and for a premium, a 5th gel finish layer, and urethane for the accessories, and no primer to cover your fudges, or your sanded seam lines. I could give half a rats rumpus how you think a casting SHOULD be made because none of you are an expert in the field .... I've been doing fiberglass for more than 10 years, professionally. I do things a certain way, and that is all there is to it. It's not as cheap as you want to make everyone believe. It was a BS statement at best. Let us not forget the hazards of the chemicals and materials, and trimming of flash, ect.. Even your fearless leader said on an open forum years ago (when he was attacking me) that he could make them all day long for $50. It's easy for someone to say when you don't even fiberglass yourself, as he was actually referring to sweat shop he was farming his projects out to. Now I surely know where the $50 Prototype remark came from.

    But realistically, what business is it of yours, what I ask for my items ? I KNOW that interference like this is against the C.O.C. It's none of your business. And you have no right to dictate to the community what you feel MY work should be worth, regardless of what you think yourselves. Again, you have crossed a line. A BIG one. Now you're talking dollars and cents. And posting up really large numbers.

    6. Fettpride stands to make over $10k on this ...

    This is so out of line, it's malicious. You don't have a clue what you are talking about there. And furthermore, it's none of your business. But just so it's clear ... Just because there are 70+ people that have expressed interest, doesn't mean that every one of those 70+ people will pay, or can afford to pay. Statements like this only quantify your pettiness and jealousy. Don't be so full of yourselves to think that you always have everything figured out, as if you know that what you're spouting is fact. Just as you are condemning me now for any claims I've made about anything in the past ... I'm condemning you for spreading propaganda. Lies. Slanderous BS, and presenting it as if you have some proof somewhere that makes it ok to speak of it as truth. Cough it up. An unbelievable double standard your presenting here.

    For the record, it's talk like this that can get someone in a TON of trouble. And now you're showing the community your truly underhanded tactics by posting up seemingly benign comments like this knowing full well that if it gets the right person's attention, "I " could get a smack down. We know that's what you want. No one, is as stupid as you want to believe they are. I applaud you for showing your baboons bottoms. They're quite colorful.

    The reality of it is, no one, and I mean NO ONE does this for free, at least not for so many. And no one but you three, or six, or how ever many of you there are that share your views - feels that I nor anyone else should do it for free. I don't like to talk politics, and it's a forbidden subject, but I will say that this mentality of yours sure resembles anti capitalism. If you were born and raised in the same country as I was, you just very well may have been raised knowing that this is point of view is NOT what this country was built upon. Because your boy handed out a few of his helmets to a few of his friends because there are so very few of you on your new board - that it's supposed to set a precedent everywhere else ? Who is forcing the punch on who these days ? What are you people ? NO, I'm NOT going to do this for free. And no one expects me to. That is the way the world turns. It really is too bad, that you're insignificant little group, will inevitably ruin this for everyone. If it is the love and adornment of your peers you seek, you're in for a huge surprise. Long after I'm gone, people will remember who the villain was. I promise you. The 3 of you come off so pretentious. Not one of you have flaws. Not one of you is less than perfect. Well, I'm sorry to be the first with a set to tell you ... you are far from perfect. You have no right to boast how much money you have, or how much you spend on charities every year (more than most people's annual salary?). Zero, that statement although deleted, (I still have it saved) has got to be the one of the most despicable things I've heard anyone say up here in my near decade, aside of accusing me of being a con man, and making up my Wife's cancer to defraud the community. You belittled more than 80% of our membership with that statement, including me. You're a real big man with all of that money of yours. Just remember, you can't take it with you brother. We all get judged the same in the end. And it might be time to look within yourself and see the truth that you are no better than anyone else. We're all in this togeher. For the record, if you did in fact make a donation to my Wife's Cancer Fund, please send the administration a Pay-Pal statement. I am fully prepared to refund your contribution since you find it necessary to rub it in my Wife's face. This isn't about ME, in case you didn't get that by now either. I do wonder, if you do the same thing to these other charitable organizations you give your hard earned money to? Very, very sad.

    Ask yourself what kind of a men you are. Ask yourselves what it is you would do, or how you would feel, if someone accused you of fraud, spat on your wife's misfortune, threatened your livelihood ... and tried to get you in a boat load of trouble? Over toys? What would you do? Better yet, when your character has been successfully assassinated, your wife has passed, and you're facing a lawsuit over nothing short of nonsense ... what would you do? I hope you seriously ponder this. You may find enlightenment. You may even catch a glimpse of how close I really am to losing my civility with you people.

    On one final note, it seems that the rumors of my deceiving the community have not stopped. So I provide you all with this ...

    Zero, this is roughly from the very period of time you say you donated to Pam's Cancer Fund. I will not post current records for public consumption. It is far too painful for me, and far too disrespectful to Pam. I shouldn't even have to go this far. What you have done to us, is just evil.

    I am a Christian man. I make it no secret. As a Christian, I am commanded to forgive people like you. But I simply, cannot. No, WILL not. And I will not fear the choice I make, because it is painfully obvious that you offered no apology at all. It was the most backhanded, disrespectful, and certainly the most offensive thing I have read yet. For forcing me to provide proof to this community that my family is suffering - you sir, are less than zero.

    With my deepest regrets to the community,

    Last edited by fettpride; Dec 30, 2009 at 4:24 PM.
  11. Lufo1138 is offline Lufo1138
    Dec 29, 2009, 11:50 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #60

    So Wes, what site can you find the MR prototype recast for $50? Just curious. I guess I am surprised to hear such a nice item is being offered, but on some other site and not on TDH. I guess I didn't realize there were so many Fett costume sites out there. Is there a reason they aren't selling them here at TDH? Maybe they haven't heard of TDH? I think you should tell them about this place so they can reach the costumer base here. It's a pretty healthy community. It has to be one of the top 100 or so Fett costuming sites. At least.

    But in the meantime, if you could kindly share what site they offer the $50 MR prototype cast that would be great. Many thanks.
  12. Community Founder Art Andrews's Avatar
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    Dec 29, 2009, 11:55 PM - Re: Public Apology to FettPride(Chris) #61

    And with this, I think we will close this thread and move on to more positive things.

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