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    Jan 28, 2008, 10:35 PM - Praises about a member #1

    Over the past few weeks and months there have been alot of "threads" about members here getting mistreated with horrible transaction.Basically getting skrewed in the purchase and or sell of items here.
    Well I would like to mention and share some good news of a purchase I just completed.Some background first.
    I have been looking to buy some "fett" utility pouches for a hiking belt I am putting together.Last Wed I recieved a PM for a memeber here offering their services.Long story short ..I sent them the specs I needed we agreed on a price and today I received my custom pouches in the mail as promised from last wed night.
    The member I want to brag about is "Ladysewforus".She is such a profesional when it came to this transaction.I highly recomend her services for anyone needing "soft parts" and I for one will continue to ask her for help in the furture.
    I am not trying to "rub it" in anyones face about my "blessed luck" but try to share some good news and to give hope that purchasing items from reputable members here can be done.
    Ladysewforus,Again thank you so much for your professional help in such a short time span over such a large distance.

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    Jan 29, 2008, 1:13 AM - Re: Praises about a memeber #2

    Amen, brother. I haven't dealt with her (yet?) But I've heard many good things about her.
  4. Jan 29, 2008, 6:21 AM - Re: Praises about a member #3

    I just recieved my vest and neckseal from her, and well......there are no words to accurately describe the quality and beauty of this garment.AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++ to her for providing such a wonderful product at such a great price.I will be getting my flightsuit from her as well.
  5. Murphoid's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 6:50 AM - Re: Praises about a member #4

    Though I've never bought anything from her, and though I prefer to sew things myself, from all the wonderful things I've been hearing, I've been considering ordering from her for the sake of the transaction. I also recently finished my first neck seal test run using her tutorial. Pics up soon. Thanks Deb!
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    Jan 29, 2008, 8:56 AM - Re: Praises about a member #5

    Thank you everyone! I am very very flattered. I just have been heartbroken about all the people who have spent tons of hard earned money and then to add insult to injury, it is wrong, or they are treated badly. Or wait entirely too long. I really know about hard earned money and think it is only right to do what I can to try to bring balance to the force, LOL

    I would love to see your neckseal Murphoid! Please do post some pics!

    I really must say that I have been on a few forums, and I have come to know this place as "home". I have been disappointed with people on other forums, but the TDH members ROCK! I have never lost my fandom here.

    We all need to remember the basics from our childhood. You WILL reap what you SEW
    (pun intended) It is always the better choice to do good to people.

    Thanks again!
  7. TD2253's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 9:33 AM - Re: Praises about a member #6

    Thought I'd chime in on this. Although I've endeavored to get one of Debbi's awesome flak jackets, she has been very helpful about tips on how to make them and what type of material to use. Although I've hounded her so much about a flight suit and flak vest, she has always responded to my PMs with professionalism and courtesy...thanks Debbi!

    Most of all I would like to thank and recognize my friend and mentor in the arts of Star Wars costuming...Donny (foxbatkllr). He has always been there to give me great advice and to always steer me the right direction. Also for helping me out a great deal with finishing my clone armor and now for helping with my ROTJ Fett! Kudos my clone brother! :thumbup

    Thanks goes out to Bountyone (Ben) who was more than willing to help a fellow TDH member in need and asking nothing in return! Thanks Ben!

    Last but not least, thank you Fettpride for hooking me up with great set of armor!

    TDH members rule!!!
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  8. ItsThatGuy's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 9:33 AM - Re: Praises about a member #7

    I have to agree LOPERO - LadySewForUs is amazing. I needed a flight suit and vest for my Holiday Special Fett - and I needed within a short deadline.

    With all my last minute add-ons and customizations - she far exceeded my expectations. The fabric and the pattern was exactly like I wanted. It was also delivered the time that I needed it and she was always in communication with me (for updates or any questions).

    She was a joy to deal with! She is really an asset to this community!
  9. Alcfalath's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 9:39 AM - Re: Praises about a member #8

    I hear you Debbie and Carole have come through for me on soo many levels, and have always been hospitable and professional, and above all else a pleasure to converse and do business with.. They were the first to approach me on these boards, and offer their wares and I am very very grateful that they did they have given me a perfect base in to which i will need to find perfect armour to match their products

    Also in saying that, Ill list all the members on here that I have bought from that deserve as much credit for being extremely professional and very very friendly;

    Bobamaker/Aka Daz: For being able to sort out a flexible setup for me for my larger order, and being willing to change it when my personal situations had changed.

    Terminal Fettler: For one of the first items i bought through here, a Hollow Coldcast RangeFinder and stalk setup, with an unexpected free coldcast borden, which i never ended up using in the end, but will soon be sending off to someone who can ejoy it as much as I had intended

    For Halo_1/Aka Tim: For the friendliest and most willing RotJ Fett to give plenty advice on what he has done, and how i can do things better with my gear, as well as giving me an almost complete list of paint i needed to paint my Version 1 Fett I salute you Tim

    For Cantina Dude: For starting up an enourmous project of doing the Helmet interior kits, and putting me down for 2 sets, with a possible 3rd one maybe Ill be looking forward to them muchly for when they are ready to send, and looking in my PM inbox once every....say hour or so lol.. Mostly just future Extreme Appreciation

    For envy_eyes: For opening my eyes to all that is great, and selling me his Bobamaker Deluxe Helmet Kit... since then I have fallen madly for Bobamaker's products and will stop at nothing to own all his hard armour products and a pleasure to deal with too... wraps his packages real tight and lots of bubble wrap

    For Lucksy31: For his great service and extremely friendly demeanor in not only sending me my first set of Decals promptly and efficiently, but when needing some more to start on my new armour, but having to wait for paypal, he posted them and told me to get the money to him whenever i can. can gladly say as soon as it cleared, i made sure to send it as soon as i could. If i ever need anymore decals, i know just the person to contact

    For Asok: for sending me an awesome set of Blaster Greeblies that i was after for my scratchbuilt rifle... the longest and most arduous part of my costume to date... His advice was paramount in me figuring out what else i needed to do for my blaster, and helped motivate me into doing more work on it when i had given up on it pretty much.

    For RussRep/Aka Russel: For his amazing Metal Working and lovely Aluminium Gauntlet Darts and Boots Spikes combined shipping even after a few complications had occured with paypal, and sent them promtly after some discussing.

    For Slave1pilot: For Selling me his TK-409 chest display in perfect condition. Exactly as he had said it would be, as perfect as he got it Slightly anxious to sell being on my awaiting paypal to load my money into it, but im glad he did, as it is beautiful and well worth waiting for Kudos to his intergrity

    For Nobody: As soon as the Taco Belt you sent rocks up ill definately be ammending this part. Excellant to converse with, and I look forward to recieving the belt he sent, any day now actually

    And for Simon Fett, TD2253, Jawafive, NovalTalon, Sidewinder, Mirax H, drokkul, Julie, KidAkira and Curtis. All your help so far with advice and measurements and so forth have helped me to get as far as i have with my gear and my progress...

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  10. TK1455's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 10:49 AM - Re: Praises about a member #9

    Since we're getting all mushy here I'd just like to say that out of all of the various forums I'm a member of, this one has been one of the most welcoming and helpful. Every single member I've had a transaction with or asked a question to has been amazing!

    I was a little apprehensive about starting a Fett suit and had so many questions, all of which I have found answered here. I'm well on my way now with my costume and it's all thanks to the support of the members here. I'm grateful to the TDH community for being so mature, respectful, and most of all for loving this crazy costuming fetish we all have!
  11. cojake's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 10:55 AM - Re: Praises about a member #10

    It is a nice change to actually get great service with a great attittude. Debbi and Carole always responded to my PM's the same day and ususally within the same hour. I received updates and when my flightsuit was ready, I got pics of it emailed along with the tracking numbers. :thumbup A+ experience! Cojake
  12. I helped at SDCC '08 MandalorFett's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 11:39 AM - Re: Praises about a member #11

    Great job Debbi and Carole, you two deserve all the compliments here.

    Thanks for all of your help.
  13. Member Since
    Jul 2007
    Jan 29, 2008, 2:52 PM - Re: Praises about a member #12

    I am so very glad to hear ALL of these postive comments. I know there are Many Many more good things happening here at TDH then there are bad ones. We need to remember that when it may get dirty or drama-ful (new word)
  14. psydaz's Avatar
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    Jan 29, 2008, 2:57 PM - Re: Praises about a member #13

    Debbi made my fett jumpsuit and it is THE BEST...she is also professional and very easy to work with.


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