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  1. Feb 18, 2010, 4:42 PM - Need a Solidworks 3D CAD Designer for hire.."Read this"! #1

    Hey Guys,

    Have to share this great experience I recently had with a fellow DH member Terry who's avatar name is "BooBoo Fett". Terry is an extremely talented artist who does the most amazing Solidworks 3D CAD drawings. I was recently admiring his work over at the RPF and immediately reached out to him. Next day he was kind enough to help me convert some of my generic 2D drawings into state of the art 3D Solidworks CAD's. I was then able to easily send his PDF and STEP 3D designs over to several companies for quotes. Terry is very professional, friendly and patient. If your in need of a talented 3D CAD designer for hire, I highly recommend you contact Terry for all your 3D CAD needs. I plan to hire him again and again. Thanks Terry!

    Terry's email:

    TDH: BooBoo Fett

    Here's the RPF thread:

    Man of War Studios
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