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    Oct 25, 2011, 8:15 AM - MR Helmet craftmanship #1

    Hi Everyone,
    Just got another MR Helmet today, this one was one i could not resist buying, which was the 501st Clone Trooper, I have noticed the craftmanship of the 501st and the plain Clone trooper helmet are very different, around the lens area and the teeth on the 501st are very refined compared to the standard Clone helmet, the whole thing is high quality product, is it the amount made for that group, because there was only little difference in price that was paid between the two, has any one noticed the same with there helmets cause all the standard clone helmets that I saw in shops down south oz were pretty average quality, when you are paying good money you expect the quality to be the same, I would like to here peoples opinions ,as my standard clone helmet is looking for a rebuild.cheers and enjoy life

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