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    Feb 18, 2009, 8:17 PM - Mind-boggling reno #1

    Well the wife and I bought new kitchen cupboards for our house a few months ago, and now with our second child on the way we finally have the motivation to start the work in the kitchen. It started out to be just a simple replace the cupboards idea but now I'm gutting the whole room down to the studs and redoing it....hopefully better.....but when you see the following pics I think you'll understand why I'm pretty sure I can do better.
    The wife is 5 months pregnant now and fully into the nesting phase so one day while I was at work she ripped out all the upper cupboards, today while I was at work she pulled out all the lowers (as an aside we finally found that pesky plumbing leak that's been plaguing us....they didn't glue the drain pipe into the main stack at all....just stuck it in there....she was a little shocked when the whole thing came out in her hands at once.) She couldn't get the base out since it required cutting around the water pipes and she's no fan of power tools so I took her to work and set about ripping it out. Finally got the base and kickplate out and here's what I found:

    Apparently it's perfectly acceptable to use back issues of Scientific American and Life magazines to ship up your floor to keep the front of your countertop level
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    Feb 18, 2009, 8:49 PM - Re: Mind-boggling reno #2

    desperate times call for desperate measures, whats the date on the mags?
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    Feb 18, 2009, 9:11 PM - Re: Mind-boggling reno #3

    Not sure on the SAs, haven't pulled them out yet. The Life magazine is from 1997. I'm guessing it's an old one he had kicking around when the previous owner did a really ****** job putting laminate flooring all through teh house to sell it faster. He didn't remove any baseboards he just left them on, put the laminate down and covered the expansion gap with 1/4 round.....this guy seems to think all the worlds problems can be solved with 1/4 round. It's everywhere in this house.

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