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    KOTE is changing. We're growing, adapting and evolving. This new phase in KOTE's life means that it is time to leave the old behind and move to a new site, specially created to accomodate our new vision.
    An important part of these changes is a new name to go with our new attitude and costumes. The Knights Of The Empire will live on, but as part of something bigger and even better - the Legends Of The Silver Screen.
    The new name and new site allows us to proparly expand into other costumes, not just Star Wars. Yes, Stormtrooper, Clone, Dark Lord or Mando costumes will still be welcome but so to will Lara Coft, IronMan, Indiana Jones, Jason Vorheas, Battlestar Galactica and many many more. We have shed our old Star Wars only image to re-emerge Pheonix like, to take on the new challenges the costuming world has to offer.

    TDH has proved to be an invaluable resource to many of our members researching their Fett or Mando costumes, and it's new Clonetrooper section will ensure that continues for a long time to come, so this is an official invite to you all. If you are UK or Ireland based and want to attend profesional events as part of a profesional quality costuming group then come and join us at: Legends Of The Silver Screen. We even have members from as far afield as the United States of America and Austrailia, so even if you are not in the UK or Ireland come and see for yourselves that the future for all of us is bright, the future is Silver Screen. Come on... be a Legend

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