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    well ive started a new project now that ive moved on from boba costuming. The next character im working on is from the anime Bleach. the character is Kenpachi Zaraki captain of squad 11. ive been working on the sword for about 2 weeks now and im finnaly done with the blade and almost done with the saya. all thats left after that is to install the guard and wrap the hilt. then its on to the next part of the costume. anyway here are pics of my progress so far. ill keep updating with any major instalation. BTW the length of the blade if 3ft from tip to the end of the brass piece (most katana blades are 2ft 4in on average . total lenth of the sword it self when finished will be around 4ft 2in

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sword-whole-fin-jpg   sword-front-fin-jpg   sword-frontmid-fin-jpg  

    sword-mid-fin-jpg   sword-midend-fin-jpg   sword-end-fin-jpg  

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