hey im new please help! im done with "bondoing" my helmet... now what?Subscribe
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    Jun 13, 2014, 2:51 PM - hey im new please help! im done with "bondoing" my helmet... now what? #1

    alright so you'll notice my helmet herephoto-jpg doesnt have anything to do with star wars but instead the "halo"series. so because all of the starwars builds on this website have the same labor process, i figured that i could post here. so my scout helmet is all glued, resined, and bondoed (inside and out) and ive learned this much about how to build pepakura helmets... (i havent sanded my piece yet btw) but now i havent a single clue what to do after the bondo process... do i paint it now? do i add detail? do i put a weathering coat of some sort over it? please help. ive searched the web and i havent found a single thing saying stuff like "after bondoing your piece, make sure to ______."

    im sure ill get past this with your help thanks in advance.
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    Jun 13, 2014, 4:05 PM - Re: hey im new please help! im done with "bondoing" my helmet... now what? #2

    i'm not an expert but this is what i do...

    it looks like your next step will be sanding your piece.. i would work from a heavier grit ( 80 to 200 grit depending on how much materiel needs to be sanded off.. 60 grit is pretty harsh , and i would only use that if there was alot of material to clear, but it looks like you are past that point) then work to a wet sand able grit (300 to 600 grit) to get a nice and smooth surface. Then if you still have little blemishes that need to be filled, Bondo makes an easy to work with premix surface glazing putty. Sand again with a high grit sand paper. After you are happy with all the sanding and base work( no amount of paint can make up for a good starting base), find a nice wet sand able primer( sherwin williams , home depot etc..)... Prime the lid then give it a wet sand with a high grit ( 400 to 600) after the primer dries. this should leave you with a good painting surface .. smooth to the touch but " rough " enough for the paint to get a good hold..

    i wish i could give you more advice specific to a Halo bucket .. It looks like you have some work with all the angles in the helmet.. good luck i hope this helps some
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    Jun 13, 2014, 5:11 PM - Re: hey im new please help! im done with "bondoing" my helmet... now what? #3

    I work in the paint department of a body shop and dolioshmolio hit the nail on the head.
    After you prime and and wet sand look it over real good for pin holes and other imperfections. At that point you can go back over them with the glazing putty, sand and spot prime.
    Try to use paper thin coats of the glazing putty and let it dry or it may shrink and you will see it in you final paint job.

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