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    Dec 6, 2013, 2:26 PM - Help identify an autograph #1

    Hey gang, Long time since I last posted. Sorry for the absence!

    So last week a friend of mine passed away. In his possession for the last 35 years he's held on to an autographed photo of Boba Fett he had gotten when he was just a kid. His widow was nice enough to give it to me because she knows of our shared passion for everything Fett. Unfortunately the photo doesn't come with much history or documentation other than what Steve had told us. I'm not totally 100% on where(what state) he got the photo, but I know it was at one of the promo parades before ESB came out. It's definately not Jeremy's signature, that much I am sure of. And I know they had a few different people wear the suit for the events.
    I was hoping someone might have a list of the actors that wore the costume for these events and/or at least a good idea of how many guys they had for the parades.

    If you look close on the bottom left corner of the photo it say "Black Falcon LTD." I know this was a small company formed to handle the merchandise for Lucas film from 78-79 that was then completely absorbed by Lucas film shortly before 1980.

    I've scrolled through 100's of pages of signatures hoping to identify the origin of this autograph with no success to speak of. Maybe someone here will no a little more about autographs and signatures.

    Thanks for your help guys!
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    Dec 7, 2013, 1:00 AM - Re: Help identify an autograph #2

    From what I know (info gathered from the net and books), some of the suits were worn by:

    Supertrooper (test fit) - Alan Harris
    Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 (ST Footage/San Anselmo Parade) - Duwayne Dunham
    Pre-Pro #1 (test fit) - Bruce Nicholson
    Pre-Pro #2 (photo shoot) - Bruce Nicholson (?)

    No info (so far) regarding those who wore the suits in the promo tours.

    Here is a link to an image with signatures of all those who created or wore the Boba Fett suit during the movies (sadly none of the writings matches yours) ==> Boba Fett Signatures.

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