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    Jan 16, 2012, 10:12 PM - ESB Blaster Assembly #1

    Hey guys, I need some help with my ESB Blaster Assembly. I recently bought a Flash Tube Upgrade for my blaster, but because the Gallery is down, I don't know what is the correct way of inserting the tube. The photo below is a test fit of the tube, I haven't glued it in place yet. can anyone tell me what way the tube goes, I have searched the forum, but everyone seems to have a different tube, and has placed it in a different way. so I'm a little confused.

    here's my blaster, with the flush tube. this is a shot of the front of the blaster (with the handle facing me)

    Also, my blaster kit didn't come with anything to connect my leather strap, what should I buy to connect the strap?

    cheers guys, any help would be appreciated.

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    Jan 16, 2012, 10:48 PM - Re: ESB Blaster Assembly #2

    the holes i see on the side of the tube in your pic (the round ones), go on the bottom. You should see the oval-like slots on top and the sides, assuming you have a heiland flash tube there. Uber accuracy the slots are more like rectangles as the screen used flashtube is a MPP flash tube. Heres a pic of my old blaster with a heiland flash tube:

    Here is a reference shot as well:

    If you get a strap from 99cent taco, it comes with the correct mounts. I THINK booboo's also does. It kinda looks like an allen bolt but has a hole through it with a ring. You would be cutting off the resin cast one on the blaster, drilling a pilot hole and screwing in the mount.

    Heres a pic of mine from my 99cent taco strap:

    Also, a little build tip....the back piece behind the main body/tube should be pushed up further so the hammer is sticking up higher than the body. The bottom should be flush. i made a lil diagram to illustrate this for ya. You can see it in the screen cap above and in the pic of my old blaster.
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  4. grungie 42's Avatar
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    Jan 17, 2012, 1:42 AM - Re: ESB Blaster Assembly #3

    I could dremmel that off completely, but I can't modify it now, it's already glued in place ;(

    But yes, my Tube has got rectangular holes, so at least that part will be uber accurate

    I have noticed my BooBoo Fett sling is black leather, and yours and the reference pic is Brown leather, I'm sure I ordered a ESB specific strap, any idea why mine might be black? Am I able to make it brown with Colour Change leather paints?
  5. Darth Voorhees's Avatar
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    Jan 17, 2012, 6:34 AM - Re: ESB Blaster Assembly #4

    hm..dont think id dremel that off. It may be best to just leave it be rather than risk damaging the blaster. its not that noticeable, just something i happened to notice cuz that piece on mine, was mis-cast and is missing that part i highlighted on one side lol.

    nice! uber accurate flash tube! lol

    Hmmm, not sure why its black. Booboo is usually very good with these things. But, yea im sure you can use a leather dye or paint to make it brown. It should match the belt pretty much. Then wherever the paint wears it'll be black, and probably look pretty cool heh.
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    Feb 23, 2012, 7:47 AM - Re: ESB Blaster Assembly #5

    Is that a Heiland flash tube. I only ask because I bought one because it looks like Vaders saber.

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