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    several years ago i encountered, while going to local conventions, an ultra elite group of folk who built their own costumes and props .
    they called themselves fiberdyne systems.
    while the stuff they built was fantastic they never the less were clickish snobs that looked down their noses at anyone even remotley interested in doing what they did .
    i dont really know if the group tore itself apart or not ,but i cant forget the core idea that brought them together .
    i fell out of the convention going habit for a while and have recently found myself back in the swing of things .
    i therefore would like to form a wholey less snobbish group to fill the void , or at very least make our own space amung the other groups represented throughout fandom . some of the things that we would do will be representing ourselves at local conventions and encourage fans to make their own props and costumes , offer advice , encourage novice prop and costume builders , as well as have fun being the best dressed group at the cons.
    we all know it is not that hard to do what we do it just takes time , patience and a little skill.
    i propose that any members in or around indianapolis area sound off . join me and others in our area .
    lets get together and build something wonderful.
    i already have 3 confirmed members of the group , but i want as many people as are intrested to join us
    yea im in plainfield indiana . west side of indy .
    i see no reason why we cant work together.
    i was hoping to get a few locals involved so that we have our own sci fi costuming guild .
    not focusing on anything inparticular but if one member is building halo stuff all members help out kind of thing.
    i know i myself would love to build a dalek.
    how cool would it be to have a group of 5 anubis jaffa show up to a con or a group of cylons .
    who dosent want a large group af mandolorian woriors or even klingons to strut their stuff.
    the possibuilities are endless.
    as a group we can achieve more than any one member can together.
    not to mention, that we would make select items to be offered for the charity auctions that every one of the local cons have.
    thus achieving some good in the process.
    i really think that this would be a great way to learn skills from one another .
    i myself have a background as a professional prop builder, special effects make-up artist and production designer.
    ive sculpted resin kits and done graphic designs for this years starbase indy .... hey moe .
    i know someone can bennifit fron my years of sculpting and prop building experience and thats just me , one of the other guys builds these amazing light saber handles as well as other boss props, and i have a 3rd guy who is a wiz at rigging things with leds and sound chips .
    anyone else want to contribute .... let me know so we can plan a get together and finalise something

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    Dec 1, 2009, 9:47 PM - Re: costumers in indianapolis indiana unite #2

    You seek Bloodfin. While we are focused on Star Wars, we have members who have many different costumes. Top of my head we have BSG, Firefly, Wheel of Time, Star Wars evil and good, 1 cylon, 1 Capt. Jack Sparrow, a bunch of other pirates...
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    Dec 1, 2009, 9:49 PM - Re: costumers in indianapolis indiana unite #3

    Oh forgot, we have a couple of kick butt zombies too, including a zombie trooper from Death Troopers

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