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    Mar 4, 2012, 10:02 PM - Charitty Auctions for "Princess" Leah Esquenazi!! #1

    Alrighty folks, the auctions are up! We have a pair of autographed pants and an ornament from Peter-Angie Mayhew , autographed photos on Tonya Kay, Marina Sirtis and James Leary. We also have Matt Hill's, the actor who portrayed Raphael in TMNT!, crew jacket! And the greatest piece of all.... your own appearance in an issue of a Hound Comics title!

    Special thanks to Jerry Catesfor all the awesome work he did in gathering these great items!

    Please, everyone help spread the word here, on any forums you frequent etc! If anything tickles your fancy, please feel free to bid as well!

    The auctions will run for 7 days, please post them at least once per day!


    jaingsmandomercspo | eBay
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