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    I had to share this because I'm just excited as all hell about it and considering the basic tragic hell that my wife and I have been going through the past several years, this is a big positive so I'm bursting at the seams.......

    So, something that I haven't shared much of is that my wife and I are gamers to the core. Being in our late 30s/early 40s, it's just what we do. We've been playing Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Games since 1996 with Ultima Online. My guild I created has been around since then and has been very "successful" in the MMORPG front and we're the oldest MMORPG guild in existence, actually...

    So several years ago my wife and I ran a website dedicated to the World of WarCraft. We were in the closed beta testing phases before anyone else being we were the top fansite for it, and we played it steadily until about 2006. That's when we had enough of the huge time commitments the game demanded at the time and moved to create a website for Warhammer Online, another MMORPG. Well we had alot of press rights, interviews, information, they flew us to their development studio and we ran alot of pieces on their game. During this time I was contacted by one of the Editors of a magazine called Beckett's Massively Online Gamer to do articles for Warhammer Online seeing as my guild and I have been around so long and they liked the pieces we wrote when we did things for Warhammer Online. Needless to say, my guild and I took up 90% of the magazine. I wrote several class guides and they interviewed me for the mag.

    Fast forward and Warhammer Online is doing horribly, they really messed up and didn't deliver on one spec of the promises they made. So my guild and I go back to World of WarCraft. I get in touch with Beckett's Massively Online Gamer, and I'm now back to writing for them solely because of how they enjoyed my style and attitude for the Warhammer guides and guild interview. So now, not only do I have the HUGE cover story for this months Magazine, but they want me to turn it into a SERIES of articles spanning over several months! The topic is about Player vs. Player combat...but the nasty side. It's called "ganking".....when you basically ambush unsuspecting people, kill their characters over and over and over until you get bored or they log off. I know, not very nice, but it's there, and a topic that is never touched upon but everyone that plays these types of games knows about it.....

    I know it probably doesn't sound terribly exciting, but I'm so stoked about this development. I get to get paid to play a video game I am already playing anyway AND write about it!!! And with 12 million plus people worldwide playing the game and buying any magazine that even mentions it, I'm looking at HUGE national and international exposure......I'll almost be sort of famous, considering the volitile nature of the subject! I'm an actual journalist!

    So there, that's it. I just had to share this rather than going on about all the **** that's been going on in our lives, which is why I've been lurking more than posting the past few months and I'm sorry I didn't get to share this with my Dented Family sooner.

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