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    Nov 28, 2007, 7:16 PM - Been a long time- new project Helmet discussion #1

    Ok let me say its been WAY too long since my last visit to TDH.
    My apologies.. life had me way down.. deeper then any sarlacc pit.

    Now.. onto the work

    A year and some odd ago.. or maybe 2 years.. Iam not sure.. I started the concept Idea for a suit- power armor- based on the Nintendo Power's "Metroid" series- they had a comic and a male bounty hunter by the name Armstrong houston, who wore a power suit similar to Samus (the main female charecter)

    I love TDH so much, and some of you have more experience that I will ever get making helmets... so I've come here for some advice, encouragement, and ideas.

    What I have is an old motorcycle helmet, covered in clay. Hopefully to come out looking like what I need. However... I forgot to take in consideration the helmet FITS as it is.. so the size of padding plus helmet size plus clay.. adds size... and Iam not sure if its going to be "Too big" now... and its kinda blown my steam on this project... I lack the strive I had just yesterday.

    This may not be the most effective way to make the helmet, so other ideas are greatly accepted. Sculpting tips would be wonderful as well, as my Left and Right sides don't quite line up properly.

    Here are some pictures of the work.. perhaps you will like it... or at least post a comment.

    Ive recently covered the visor area (since it had no visor) because I think I will cast it as a solid- then cut out the proper shape instead of try to construct it in clay. Now I am trying to even out the sides so they look even (even if they arent- visually even is fine) and square off the back cut spot... let me link a picture of what it is from so you guys know what to reference it to.

    there ya go.. blue suit power armor... in all its drawn glory.

    Thanks in advance guys, I know you won't let me down!

    *Edit* 20 hours and no reply? you guys must be knee deep in fiberglass again! lol.
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