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    Sep 7, 2009, 10:02 AM - Apology for all the people asking for new stuff #1

    In the past few months I have been getting tons of pm's. Some from long time members and alot from newbies who just come here to pm me.

    You all have been asking for custom items for your costumes you are trying to put together. I have pm'd
    most of you that at this time I haven't been able to even look at them due to all the things I have going on right now.

    I have been very busy with making 7 sets of LOS Armor for some batman guys. These sets have been very difficult to do being that alot of the leather has been acting up. I've been having trouble with the leather wanting to take the dye in right, glue not sticking, among other problems. My torso bust was stolen and without Bob its been hard to mold these correctly and faster.

    I have also obtained a new job recently and it has taken most of my evenings.

    Weeks back I have also broken my right elbow. I was aiding my neighbor one night from a assault and got injured in the process.

    My gf Jessica is carrying my first child and has been going crazy the last few weeks. She has been going all out. Signing us up for all kinds of appointments. I could be in the middle of cutting leather and I get yanked by my good arm to go here and there. I've been to birthing classes, registries, doc appointments, etc. She's driving me nuts...lol but in a good way. I just know she's very excited about everything.

    So when I tell you I can't do a job for you, its not because I just don't want to. I just can't fit it in right now. Sometimes alot of the newbie responses I get after I decline have shocked me..lol. i really am sorry, I'm not trying to be a *****, or what ever other names there were. I appreciate that you would come to me for your needs but please understand that I just don't have the time right now.

    I have alot of new ideas and projects that I have been putting off that I want to get started on but need to take care of what I got going on first. And with a few things getting lost in the mail it sets me back alittle more. After I ship items I really don't have any control over what happens to it. But that doesn't mean its right to leave a buyer hanging. A buyer could dispute it, I would provide tracking, I'd be clear but the seller would frown. its just not right to me. The buyer is still out of his money. But as long as I am capable of remaking an item, I will. Hopefully those lost items will go somewhere where they are needed. So if you see a ESB belt on a little boy in Africa or something, you know where they are..lol.

    Again, I am very sorry I can not do all the projects you ask for right now, but I appreciate you coming to me. Thanks.
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  3. FettDad is offline FettDad
    Sep 7, 2009, 10:21 AM - Re: Apology for all the people asking for new stuff #2

    dang brother, you dont have to be such a "*****" about it... what you offer and do for this community is way beyond what could ever be expected, my friend...i hope people realize how important you are and what an integral part of TDH are your services...i for one am thankful for the products i have received, and couldnt be happier...anyone that dogs on you has absolutely no clue what you have done here, and will continue to do...
  4. cr4nky's Avatar
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    Sep 7, 2009, 1:10 PM - Re: Apology for all the people asking for new stuff #3

    Respect the Taco!

    And congrats with a rugrat on the way! Its all fun and games with the kids (and sometimes not). :P
  5. mmgraphics's Avatar
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    Sep 7, 2009, 1:26 PM - Re: Apology for all the people asking for new stuff #4

    yes Taco, congrats to you and your girl for the baby! Cool thing!
    I guess Taco items will get more rare once the baby is there. Children can be very time consuming! *LOL*

    Keep up delivering those awesome products! Thumbs up bro!

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