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    I'm thinking about getting a tattoo to go along with my mythosaur tattoo, and making this one a personalized one for my daughters. The idea is letting both my girls pick the colors of a cartoon style mando helmet that I would then get tattoo'd on my arm, one for each of my daughters. Both of them are star wars fans, and my younges (5 years) has one of the wal-mart toy Boba helmets and toy EE-3, which she puts on and runs around the house being "Boba Caty," and I think they'd both get a kick out of being able to pick colors for a helmet to go on me.

    The downside is I'm a terrible artist, and I havent found any cartoon style helmet images out there on the web to give to the tattoo guys for inspiration. I'm looking for something thats more cartoonish, less "real" with rounded and softer edges, I guess to make them more little girl style. Anyone have the talent and interest to doodle something, or does someone know of some images out there like that?

    Thanks for your time.
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    Jun 16, 2012, 1:06 AM - Re: Any artists out there? #2

    Check this for my personal way of toony-style. Its a old work from 95, but basicly the same way I still draw Toon-Chars. For a Mando-helmet, I now include "visible eyes" like the Vader in the lower right. Let me know your colorshemes and I come up with something

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