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    Mar 28, 2010, 9:56 PM - Working on an ESB EE-3, Need some help #1

    This past weekend, I got some Fett parts from a friend. I got a flak vest and neck seal, I will have alter them to fit properly. I also, got some resin parts.

    I've found some previous builds on here of resin kits so using those are helpful. There is some writing on some parts that I think say "Budget Fett"

    I'm trying to figure out what parts I still need.


    I think I need greeblies for the stock, scope, scope mounts, molex connectors, and some lever looking thing that goes about the trigger. I'll also have to get some kind of tube for the end of the barrel. I found scope mounts and molex connectors on ebay, but I'm skeptical of ebay sellers sometimes.

    Is there anyone on here that sells those parts separately? or any advice for this kit?
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    Mar 28, 2010, 10:42 PM - Re: Working on an ESB EE-3, Need some help #2

    yes, that would be a budgetfett kit...made by Seven about a year ago...great kit for the money originally, but lots of work involved with need:

    stock greeblies-2 square and 3 or 4 aerial plugs
    barrel mounts
    shrouds (u shaped pieces that go over the barrel mounts, have 2 holes in the front)
    molex connectors
    heiland flash tube
    v8 arm and disc
    sling/sling mounts

    you just have the webley cast there...all these pieces are needed to finish her up!

    contact BH-2647 for original molex connectors, not casts...he is a member here
    sidewinder (UK based) may help with barrel mounts (i think his barrel mounts have the shrouds molded in now) and stock greeblies
    shrouds you can make out of aluminum strips

    for the sling, sling mounts, scope (real scope, not resin), flash tube, v8 arm and disc, i may be able to help...shoot me a pm...
    you can also get alot of this stuff from stormrider, i believe he does just the parts minus the scope/sling/sling mounts/flashtube as a greeblie kit...i know he did them awhile back, not sure if he is still doing just the miscelaneous stuff, i know he does the webleys for sure...

    hope that helps!
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    Mar 30, 2010, 4:18 AM - Re: Working on an ESB EE-3, Need some help #3


    Thanks for the information. I sent you a PM as well.

    Does anyone know 502smallblock on ebay? He has the stock greeblies and thought of ordering from him, but wanted to check here first.
    EDIT: Nevermind, it appears Advance Search holds all the answers. This noob is still learning.
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