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    Oct 2, 2010, 9:48 PM - WIP: First Costume and some nostalgia #1

    First off, I just want to say Good day to everyone! This is my first original thread.

    I have always wanted to be Boba Fett, as long as I can remember. The pictures below were some things I did when I was 14. I am 23 now for reference purposes. Yeh I know cheesy stuff, but I look at these now and just laugh until I cry. I wanted to be Boba so bad, and I actually wore this outfit for a good two months straight. It was terrible.

    Anyways, Now I am in a perfect place to get serious about this hobby. I have some disposable income and a ton of enthusiasm.

    So today, and I know when I say this, I am going to catch some ****... I ordered the Supreme Edition Costume. I did this for two reasons. 1.) I want a complete costume before halloween. 2.) I have seen what some people on here are doing with it, and it looks like with the right amount of paint and weathering it can be a fairly decent starter suit.

    I don't plan on this being my permanent suit. I will slowly replace the parts over time, until then I will spend the time before halloween repainting this costume. And maybe one day when I have completely replaced everything I will gift it to another Boba entering into this little society. Pay it forward...right!

    So I have a few questions before I get the costume in the mail. First off, what are you guys using to paint with? Spray cans, air paint sprayers like for model planes? I have been through the threads a bit and everyone talks about colors and techniques for layering, but no one is saying the method of application.

    Additionally, I have another question. The dental connector, I see what it is, but I am curious...does it serve any actual purpose other than just being a visual element on the helmet?

    I plan to do a complete video of unboxing the Supreme edition and taking a ton of pictures, I know you guys love to joke on it. Especially the "sunflower" dent.

    Until then fellas...

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    Oct 2, 2010, 11:10 PM - Re: WIP: First Costume and some nostalgia #2

    Loving the youth enthusiasm! When I was 7ish, I wanted to be a stormtrooper so bad (I figured Boba was WAY out of my abilities..), so I remember getting brown paper bags from the grocery store and making armor outta it. I should make a brown dull TK just for ol' time's sake.

    Anyways, One of our Mercs used his Supreme he bought for $150 as a starting point. The helmet is usable with maybe a fast visor replacement. Gaunts are usable too. Maybe in the future sand down and bondo the "darts" and "keypad" and put on real ones. the things that are gonna make you wanna cry are the belts and the suit. The belts are just a solid molded rubber chunk and the suit is that ****** costume material. So be careful, cause it will rip super easy! Also keep in mind, it includes no boots. If I were you, buy some of MOW's if he stocks your size. I got them very fast and they are top notch.

    Anyways, my buddy came over here with his box o' Supreme and after a weekend we made him into an official Merc. So keep doing some research and start your upgrades now, like a batninja tutorial belt, buy a girth from Horseloverz & pickup the proper rattle cans for Boba. Just check the tutorials stickied..they work great.
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    Oct 14, 2010, 12:58 PM - Re: WIP: First Costume and some nostalgia #3

    Ok, so the Rubies suit arrived today. Definitely disappointed, but not as much as I knew what I was getting myself into. I am going to attach some pictures to this but if anyone wants a specific picture let me know. I am quick to respond usually.

    First off, the soft parts are totally doable. The jumpsuit is perfect but not made of a durable cotton blend. But can definitely be used. The flak vest is also ok, but needs to be cut and taken in some, it is a bit wide. The gloves are ok, but the thumbs are far to big.

    The belts are rubber but aesthetically they serve their purpose. With a repaint the helmet would be perfect.

    Now the bad, the armor plates aren't molded and do not bend, so they don't conform to the body and stick off rigidly. The knee armor is ok.

    The jetpack is more fragile than an egg. Actually the egg might be tougher. It is sad. I am scared to even where it for lack of destroyed in.

    Overall this costume has some salvageable parts. Some not so. But I will see what I can do.

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    Oct 14, 2010, 7:32 PM - Re: WIP: First Costume and some nostalgia #4

    Cool pics. When I was a kid I ran around in Darth Vader Underoos with a Conan style sword..... those were the days!

    Not a bad start for your Boba. Looks like you've got some work ahead, but it will be fun!

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