Well I won first place for my costumeSubscribe
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    Dec 29, 2011, 8:44 AM - Well I won first place for my costume #1

    So I just realized I won first place for my costume at a big event. I think it came out very nice and all the effects worked flawlessly.

    One minor malfunction before I walked in my gauntlet rocket detached, I have it fixed but it was a little disappointment not to have it in the pictures. Otherwise all my lights and motors and jetpack smoke worked great.

    Thanks to everyone here who helped make this a reality.

    To give some credit to the great work. I did all the painting and electronics with all the effects controlled from the gauntlets myself the rest see below.

    Armor - Fett Pride
    Helmet - Fett Pride GMH
    Jumpsuit - Ladysews
    Gauntlets - Fett Pride
    Jetpack - MOW
    Boots - MOW
    Cape / Braids - Woodsman
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails fett3-jpg   307214_10150331775922554_608997553_8587808_1887066719_n-jpg   317086_10150331776042554_608997553_8587811_617676932_n-jpg  

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    Dec 2011
    Dec 29, 2011, 8:54 AM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #2

    Very nice!

    The second and fourth picture looks menacing

    I hope you got a few credits for this Hehe, What did you win? Or was there not a prize?
  4. Formerly saint nasty Mike M.'s Avatar
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    Dec 29, 2011, 2:01 PM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #3

    looking good, jim!
  5. thrax's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Dec 29, 2011, 2:23 PM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #4

    Looks like a fun place too. Congrats looks good!
  6. Boba Leo's Avatar
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    Dec 29, 2011, 6:35 PM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #5


  7. ZOD's Avatar
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    Dec 29, 2011, 7:54 PM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #6

    Congrats!! Looks Great!!

    I've been to quite a few of the Guys With Ties events. They're always a blast, & always for a great cause!
  8. Unclefettster's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Jan 5, 2012, 8:53 PM - Re: Well I won first place for my costume #7

    its always a bonus to win something or even have effects on people in some way, seeing the face's in AWWW is worth the time and money spent.
    Great job..

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