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    Jan 22, 2008, 10:43 AM - Tackle Twill Info and sewing plans #1

    I have just made a purchase of 5 yards, "greyish" tackle twill from Websters.
    They are selling it to me for $6.06 per yard, plus shipping. I do not know what the shipping will be yet. I am going with Fed Ex ground.

    Here is a link to their website.
    You can call in to order, should you decide to. It is probably possible to get a swatch. If I remember right "greyish" is the color of choice of "those who know" on these boards.

    If you are going to make your own vest, 1 yard would be enough for a vest and a neckseal, if you intend to line the vest with a different material. This is what I do. I prefer a lighter weight cotton for the lining, for comfort.

    I do not have any intentions of buying material and parting it out, but I wanted to post my source, should some of you want to buy tackle twill.

    Carole and I are planning to sew some more Fett related soft parts, but I must let you know that we have a long long waiting list and we do not produce very fast. I wish we could help more of the TDH members, but it is just not possible to do more than we do. Please know there is no preferential treatment, we do our best to abide by "first come first serve" but we do reserve the right to sew for our family and friends. We have lots of requests, just within our respective families.

    My reason for stating this is to make sure no one feels like they have been neglected or given preference.

    If anyone has any questions at all, feel free to PM me. If you are sewing projects for yourself and have questions, LMK. There are times when I am very busy and may not return PM's right away, but I will do my best to get back to anyone who contacts me.

    Thank you to everyone for the support and help I have been given here at TDH.

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    Jan 22, 2008, 11:29 AM - Re: Tackle Twill Info and sewing plans #2

    if anyone wants to do a group order with me let me know!

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