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    Mar 9, 2012, 10:29 AM - snojo800's ESB WIP #1

    Hey all!

    I've been lurking about the forums for a while now, some may have seen my posts, some haven't lol. So, out of the blue, I am finally posting a WIP thread. I want to formally apologize first though, because a special visit was made by Mr. Blurry Cam...I took these quick this morning with my cell phone, and some are a bit blurry, but I will try to get motivated later to get some real pics with a *real* camera.

    First and foremost, there ARE things missing from these pieces that I am either finishing up, haven't mounted yet, or I am still acquiring. If I miss something on the list of things to do, let me know! I have been progressing fairly fast with this armor, having just got the hard pieces from BM (<-----the man!) last December, and its my first costume/project of this magnitude I've ever undertaken so it will likely be easy for me to miss some things, but that's what the pro's are for on this forum right?

    Some items that are NOT pictured, but I have sitting either complete or almost complete (or purchased):
    -Woodman ESB cape and braids
    -BBF Stainless Jetpack Harness, ESB ammo belt, and chin skirt
    -BM shin tools (I'm just finishing up masking the squeegee for the red and black accents)
    -BM Gauntlet Rocket (90% complete, painting the copper colored tip, then finished)
    -Fettronics Chest Lights
    -ESB Gloves from Evo Props. These aren't too bad, judging from the various posts on this seller, they do need some puffing up, but I might save that for another TDH member's run once I try these out for a while. I don't think anyone else was offering these gloves at the time.
    -Soft parts incoming from LSFU

    So without further ado:

    Here is the bulk of the armor, all from Bobamaker, and painted using Rafalfett's painting templates (thanks a ton to both!). Painting was done almost completely with rattle cans, because I lack the necessary skill set to use an air brush comfortably without fear of screwing up. All the armor was painted with a base coat of rustoleum aluminum, and masking fluid was applied to bring out the dents and scratches. All green armor was painted with rustoleum spruce green with a mist of krylon hunt club green, and a very light dusting of black, the exception to this is the center diamond, which is only painted in hunt club green. The paint around the dents of the green armor is hand painted: yellow zinc chromate for the ab, chest, and cod piece; lark dark grey for the collar piece. Further weathering and darkening was added by hand using pastels.

    The left shoulder bell was painted with just a coat of striping yellow, and I actually grew the balls to experiment with an air brush here for the weathering using model masters dark grey (it is definitely not dark). The right shoulder was sprayed with the same striping yellow, then misted with testor's go mango orange (spray can kind), and the weathering was done again with an airbrush using model master's rust that I darkened with a bit of black.

    The knee armor was done similar to the right shoulder bell: striping yellow, mist of go mango, then I also added a dust of black. Weathering for both was done with the same paint mixture and airbrushed. Obviously the knee darts aren't mounted yet, so I set them beside each piece.

    Here we've got the back plate and rear belt armor. These were painted with the same color scheme as above, with the lark dark grey on the back plate and yellow zinc chromate on the rear belt armor, again with a bit of pastel weathering.

    This is a MOW jetpack. This is one of my earlier pieces I essentially learned a lot of what I applied on the armor lol, and I think it is a bit over weathered....I believe I used krylon italian olive for the green color here, so it is a slightly different hue than the armor (oops...). But the weathering is a mix of topical and layered, then darkened with pastels. Strangely enough, the reds show up bright on camera, but I darkened the hell out of them with the pastel weathering. I included hints of other earth tones and dirt, but those pastel colors don't show up well on camera. This is definitely not one of my stronger paint jobs, but I think it looks much better when you see it in front of you rather than through a picture. This will likely be re-painted in the future. From these pics, I do not have the beacon yet (on order from Dark-Side, can't wait!) and I also have not yet painted on the white dot above the stabilizer nor have I acquired the blue dental file as of yet.

    This is a set of resin blasters from stormrider, the EE-3 also having a heiland flash tube. I think I posted these in SR's sale thread, but I thought I'd throw em back out here.

    Here we have a pair of MOW boots, very excellent stuff! This was the first piece I completed with the help of Spideyfett's tutorial. They are finished off with a set of Mojo toe spikes.

    This is where the blurry cam comment comes in, sorry! They are not great pics....I know. I just finished up these babies yesterday (these are BM pieces as well, his brand new ESB style hoo rah!). Rattle can spruce green like the armor, minus any dusting. I am currently throwing a bit of pastel weathering on them to dirty them up a bit. I am just finishing up the rocket for mounting, and you can also see that the holes aren't drilled yet for the gauntlet switches either, but they are sitting on the table thanks to BM providing such a complete kit. I am currently waiting for Mojo to stock up on gauntlet darts so I can mount those in, and I also have not yet acquired the hose or connector since that will simply require a trip to the hardware store. If anyone is looking for a nice pair of gauntlets that are ready to paint out of the box, Bobamaker provides a sturdy as hell solution that is horrendously easy to put together, and the package he offers comes with everything in the pics plus the gauntlet switches and rocket, all ready to mount. The gaunts are also lined with some velcro to hold them together, however, I think I will be mounting some rare earth magnets on one side of each and keeping the other side using velcro as a hinge, since I don't really care for the piano hinges sticking out.

    And here is where I have made zero progess! I was saving this badboy for last because frankly, I'm afraid of it lol. This is a BM helmet with deluxe rangefinder, and holy jeez it is awesome. I consider everything else I've done to be a warm up for the helm, though I haven't completely decided whether I would like to send this one out as a commission or paint it myself (though I'd rather be able to say I painted it). I'm very much on the fence about how I want to go about this one. I've used masking fluid techniques for the armor, but it doesn't always come off nicely. I am thinking of using frisket film since it has a light adhesive so I can stick it to the helmet and go the topical route, but then again, I also painted all the other stuff by hand without using Rafalfett's templates as stencils...*sigh*. Also, as far as masking parts of the helmet off using tape or whatnot...does anyone have any pro tips? I usually don't have too much trouble, but I am pretty bad at masking off something the helmet is. I am still using rattle cans for the bulk of the colors here to keep it in line with the rest of my armor, and that **** gets everywhere there is an opening in the tape, even if its on the other side of the piece somehow. Do you guys cut pieces out, fold them over, or am I thinking about this too hard? Any feeback you guys could throw my way on masking or helping to paint this lid would be great. I'm hoping to give myself a timeline of 1-2 months for completion of it, since I am still waiting on soft parts from LSFU. I figure if I give myself a deadline, I will actually work on it religiously lol.

    Any thoughts?
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    Mar 10, 2012, 1:30 AM - Re: snojo800's ESB WIP #2

    You did an excellent paint job on the armor! There's just one thing I can comment on these: the scratches looks bigger than on the original armor, especially on the abdominal plate and this thing I saw on others paint jobs too. The best way to scale the scratches is to print the armor stencil and match it to your armor part. If your part is bigger (or smaller) then you should resize the image in an image editor or at the printer's settings and print another image. And you (and anybody else) should ALWAYS use as many (or all) reference images from the Gallery to ensure that your paint is near perfection. And you should weather a little bit the chest logo, especially that bright blue color.

    I'm already eager to see you starting your helmet paint job! You are on the right track so far!
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    Mar 10, 2012, 5:34 AM - Re: snojo800's ESB WIP #3

    I agree, i think, the scratches are too big an there´s too much yellow around, especially on the left chest and abdomen armor...
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    Mar 10, 2012, 6:13 AM - Re: snojo800's ESB WIP #4

    Quote Rapier2278 said: View Post
    I agree, i think, the scratches are too big an there´s too much yellow around, especially on the left chest and abdomen armor...
    The yellow around the silver is Ok, the scratches are 30% bigger.
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    Mar 10, 2012, 10:46 AM - #5

    I agree with you guys 100%, I did blow up the silver a bit. The ab plate bothers me the most though, that its definitely something I will be adjusting (and its nice and relatively flat, lol). I kinda like the way the other pieces turned out, and I don't mean to throw anyone's advice under the bus, I'm just proud of them I guess lol. I am going to set my sights on completing this fett before stripping the pieces down for a repaint after I see how the product looks as a whole, except that ab plate of course....but that's part of the experience right? once you start a fett, you're never done! Lol. I see what you mean on the decal too, rafal. I did weather it a bit with some fine sand paper, but I'll hit it again, I agree its still too bright.

    Thanks guys!

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    Mar 10, 2012, 11:45 AM - Re: snojo800's ESB WIP #6

    Quick update to the gaunts and (now) complete shin tools. I thought some of the shin tools needed a good beating and dirtiness. Likely not screen accurate, but they gotta look used in my mind I also dirtied up the gaunts and tried to take a bunch of pics and selected the ones that seemed to highlight the weathering best, though it seems the camera lightens them up a lot

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