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  1. FettDad is offline FettDad
    Jun 2, 2008, 10:43 AM - Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #1

    hey guys, got done with my ammo belt...i know you will jump on it and tear it a new one.... but it is what i had to work with, and i like it... just thought i would share whitcha!!




    sorry about the size, having issues with that lateley....
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  3. LostSonOfSparda's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Jun 2, 2008, 10:51 AM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #2

    Well except for the obvious fact that it's not leather (or a look-alike material) it looks great. Seems like you nailed the size and dimensions real good.

    I know you aren't going for 501st approval, and it's what you had to work with, so all-in-all its a very nice scratch-build. It will definitely suit your needs and I know you are happy with it.

    Not bad at all.
  4. FettDad is offline FettDad
    Jun 2, 2008, 10:55 AM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #3

    thanks, pete!! and well, the pouches are leather...the wraparounds and the actual belt are not....and ya, the buckle is not accurate either....but it is a smaller belt, and until i get to the track and start running again, the less stuff around my waist the better!! i know its not accurate, but i am really trying not to go all out on the soft parts, so i can really spend the money on the armor and the lid.... we will get there....
  5. Ronin677's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Jun 2, 2008, 11:04 AM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #4

    Well its certainly different but hey i like it. Well done buddy
  6. jawafive's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Jun 2, 2008, 1:01 PM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #5

    We need different every once in a while. I like it!
  7. I helped at SDCC '08 Bountyone's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Jun 2, 2008, 1:18 PM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #6

    I have to agree with Pete 100% Darrell, so long as your happy with it bro, that's all that matters. I kinda like the nylon webbing myself. nice job.
  8. Grifter's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Jun 2, 2008, 3:24 PM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #7

    I'm digging it too. Nice scratchbuild.
  9. Studio Fett's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Nov 15, 2008, 9:48 AM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #8

    Very nice job brother! Great work!!!

  10. DarthOrsan's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Dec 18, 2008, 12:37 PM - Re: Scratchbuilt Ammo Belt #9

    Indeed, very cool, that is a very nice idea, I think I can use it for a Mandalorian Suit I want to make for my son. Thanks for sharing. It will make it look different.

    Hello all, I have being working on making my ammo belt by spending as little money as possible (Forced to do it like that), but to try and match the real thing as much as I possibly can. After looking around here and there I found some very cool Ideas for this ammo pouches and took some templates to create one that would allow me to make this things and be able to put stuff inside too. You can actually fit a Moto Razr inside them. I used Vynil for mine, it kind of resembles leather and it is very soft, just like fabric. In order to make it look harder I used cardboard for the inside. Currently working on the templates for those as well. The cool thing is that you do not have to glue them completely to make them fit. But when I post the pics you will be able to see what I mean.

    I wanted to share this template with you guys and read your oppinions later on if possible.

    I also made the belt, mine has 56 inches and attaches to my back with Velcro (Good bless this invention). I will try to post some pics of the end product here later on so that you can review them as well. My idea is to scratch build my ROTJ Fett. It uses the same principle, cardboard covered by Vynil, very light weight.

    December 19 2008.

    Ok, here is the end product.

    I also wanted to thank all of you for posting so many usefull ideas here, they are all great.

    So, here are my 5 cents.

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