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  1. Sep 14, 2010, 4:59 PM - Re: Respect for a 12 year old #26

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    I tip my helmet in a respectful nod Mustangrevolver- well played
    Nate- sounds like a familiar story?… this can be a great escape!
    Vaderlives- thanks for the post.. I think I’ll be following Kakarrot's method and adding pieces on top of the existing face- looks like an easy add (although I’m not an orthopedic surgeon… I did stay at a Holiday inn last night) LOL!!
    *strikes a pose* and yush i nodd in return. XD

    nate, obx is right. cosplay is something grand to do when u can, cuz it allows you to be creative, and let your imagination run wild. both are thins kids are rapidly neglecting to do anymore these days with video games and electronics becoming staple replacements of the old stuff. dont ever let anybody damper your love for the art of cosplay. it gets really fun. that and there are some kickass prizes at conventions to winning costumes.
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  3. Sep 14, 2010, 5:03 PM - Re: Respect for a 12 year old #27

    Quote gymbeau2000 said: View Post
    A'den on here just redid a HBF bucket and raffled it off for our charity on the Mercs. I was convinced it was unfixable, but he did a decent job. All said though, with the effort and cost, you're best severed buying a M-DSB bucket.

    For the OP, you can go to a plastic store and buy a sheet of PVC in shiny white. That way you don't even have to paint it. It works just like sintra in that you cut it with a saw/dremel/whatever and heat form it. Lonestar makes a great white flightsuit on here. Ladysewforus does too, but her's (well Arkady) makers theirs screen accurate colors, but they might be able to make you a white one instead. If nothing else, buy the Butterfield coverall pattern (or likewise brand), download the soft pouch template by WOF on here (which is what the thigh pockets are also) and a couple of reference pictures of the shin pockets & double sleeves and get one made for you. You can buy a nice twill in white and make it yourself or commision a seamstress locally. It's just a simple coverall with a couple of modifications.
    Bobobo Fett on here makes a white supercommando ammo belt and ManofWar's accurate Boba boots come white.
    gym im learning to repsect you more and more with every bit of advice u give out. your awesome man.

    and is there really a guy on here named bobobo fett? if so i gotta meet this guy.

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