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    Dec 23, 2008, 2:43 AM - RBF' s looking for new armor... #1

    well It's been ages since I could do and make what I wanted...

    Now that I' m back here, I think it's time I' m finally going to do some Fett updates.

    Basically I want to finish my Mandalorian... I don' t really care much for customs, but hey... it's fun to let your imagination run wild and simply to play around with paint and some tools and stuff.

    What I was really looking forward to doing is buy some new Fett gear, and with every item and rebuy or remake, I want to pass my scratch stuff over to my custom mandalorian.

    First step I want to take is something that has bugged me ever since I started Fett. His armor. Chest armor to be precise.

    I' ve always done my own armor and the set I currently have is made by a someone I know, because he said he had a vacform machine and that he could get the right curves in the armor.

    Basically my problem is the fact of trying to wrap a sheet of paper around a football... it doesn' t work...

    Fett's armor is curved horizontally and vertically. I used to do my sets by bending the armor mostly diagonal, that way you create the illusion of the right curves... but it's just.... not it.

    This person said he could do it... and he could, exactly the same as I could have done it myself. So it's a great set and it works well and it's great that he did it... it's just that the problem wasn' t fixed.

    Here's my current set:

    Now what I want to change in it's entirety is the following:

    -Toe spikes... I' ve never had toe spikes...
    -Update all the armor, with an exception of the knees... who do need a new paint job.
    -Maybe update the gauntlets, the ones I have, have had that their best time.
    -New girth belt.
    -Gloves... I still have those cheap garden gloves... argh!!
    -Blaster, I have to make a new ROTJ blaster. I made a scratch one ages ago... but it fell to the floor ages ago. I' ve learned from that though and I' ll make the new one a wee bit more sturdy... as in gravity proof. I' d made a few modifications to an E-11 from Kenner so I had a Star Wars blaster to troop with. There's not alot of peoplewho even noticed. I was a bit embarissed to have it on me when I met JB... he must have thought... this is probably the only thing he is made himself... pore sob..
    -Hang my jet pack up a little higher.

    So... I have my work cut out for me I guess...

    And it's your fault. I wasn' t planning to redo anything... but being back here has... inspired me I suppose.

    The question I have is:
    Who has some nice shots of his finished vac formed armor, and where might I get a good set... anyone any suggestions? I saw Fettpride's, his are amazing...

    please shoot.

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    Dec 23, 2008, 5:15 AM - Re: RBF' s looking for new armor... #2

    being europe based, have u though abt bobamaker? - dont hear as much on here compared to other makers cos he is UK based and shippin to US can be ludicrious. HIs armour and soft parts are very VERY nice IMHO

    only prob is - its all made to order, so instant gratification isnt possible

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    Dec 23, 2008, 10:30 AM - Re: RBF' s looking for new armor... #3

    RBF ... glad to see you around again.