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    Dec 30, 2009, 4:53 AM - Need Advice! #1

    I have for some month started to check what the SE got diffrent compair from the ROTJ.

    I piced SE becouse I loved the ESB helmet, and liked the ROTJ armor. But when I'm building a costume I want it to be as acurate as posible, so I have long tryed to find out what's as closed as an SE you can come. And I have been verry confused.
    There aren't any pictures that's the same, allways something that's not the same.
    Sometimes it's no toespikes, the shinn tools switches places all the time. One knee is Pre pro 2,
    the ammo belt got 9-12 pouches, and 2 with buttons on, the girth is sometimes over and sometimes under the ammobelt, the belt pouches are sometimes 1 ROTJ 1 ESB and sometimes they got exactly the same collor, sometimes the cape got the ROTJ attatchment and sometimes it dosen't, the Jetpack got a big dmg, a big hole. and more and more....

    I have feelt that this is quite annoying to not know what's exactly SE. If I go on the behinde the screen, the JP got the dmg, the girth is over the ammo belt, the boots got no toe spikes, the cape got no keyboard buttons attatchment etc etc, not verry nice

    If I go for the other pictures there isn't manny pictures that arn't the same, but all pictures got one thing that's on every picture... the rocket on the gauntlet got a tube, and I don't! Like that!

    So if I decides keep going for an acuurate SE suit, I must, get a pre pro 2 knee (wich I don't thinks is nice painted), i have to buy some more ammo pouches, the gun got a verry strange sight, looks like it's half. And I still need that tube on the gauntlet.

    Now some of you may say, don't cair about the tiny detailes, just take ROTJ suit and ESB helmet and be happy, and maybe you guys are right, but then I can't feel like, this suit is acurate.
    And I'm starting to feel like i'm more and more on the way to an ROTJ suit, and maybe I should change my mind and go for the ROTJ ??? Becouse now everything is like an ROTJ suit... the knees, the ammor belt, the JP etc etc.
    And, I love the boots with toespikes, I wana feel, where I got my shinn tools, THAT'S the place they'r suposte to be. I don't like the pre pro 2 knee, the girth is not nice when it's over the ammo belt, and the rocket is ugly with a tube. The cape should have the ROTJ key borad buttons. etc etc. I'm starting to feel like I'm more close to an ROTJ now.

    But now I need advice?

    Should I keep going for SE and just chouse a picture and go for evrything on that one, even if it may result that some parts wont be verry nice. Or should I get more parts that's ROTJ, the blaster, the boots, wookie braids, and don't cair about the SE any more, and have a goal that some day buy an ROTJ helmet and sell my MR helmet (or keep it). Or should I just get everything ROTJ (as I have now) and keep going for the SE , but don't cair about all diffrens that the SE suit got compair from ROTJ, just watch ROTJ pictures and make one that's 90% ROTJ but the last 10% is the ESB helmet ???

    Please help me



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  3. daric larone's Avatar
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    Dec 30, 2009, 10:35 AM - Re: Need Advice! #2

    Oscar, I am a newbie building my first Boba Fett, although I have built a stormtrooper/sandtrooper, a clonetroooper, and couple other costumes. I am having somewhat of the same issue as you are deciding on what version of Fett to build. I too like the ESB helmet and the ROTJ everything else so I'm looking at a SE version. I completely understand your desire for as much accuracy as possible.
    However, the more I get into this costume-building hobby the more I hear a wise and wonderful phrase, "It's YOUR costume; do what you want with it." I think 99% of us want our finished costume to be 501st approved if this is our first and perhaps only SW costume, or even if it's our tenth costume. And I may be speaking out of turn here since I am a newb to TDH but it sounds as if many members here are of the opinion to pick a version, get as close as you can, submit for 501st acceptance, and then do what makes you happy.
    Now, if you troop with a Boba Fett costume from the neck down and decide to wear a Jango helmet, some 6 yr old is going to say, "Hey, that's not right!" That's going a little too far perhaps. I mean the Mando style costumes featured and accepted here at TDH in the form of the "custom Mando" are the perfect example in my opinion of the "do what makes you happy" costuming philosophy.
    Hope this diatribe of mine helps in some way. I guess what I'm saying is if 100% screen accuracy (if there even is such a thing with the SE version Boba Fett) and your personal 100% satisfaction with your costume are two mutually exclusive things, then something's got to give. Right?
    Just know too I'm struggling with ya bro. Although I've personally decided to do ESB helmet and ROTJ from the neck down and be done with it. Of course this is subject to change as well...
    Good luck with your build.
  4. High Speed Low Drag Fett 4 Real's Avatar
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    Feb 14, 2010, 8:40 PM - Re: Need Advice! #3

    Ive been going through the same thing but if you go by this picture it has no left hose...has the ESB helmet everything looks to be in order for the Ammo belt having 8 far as the jet pack who really knows on this but Im guessing its intact...My question 2 switches on the right gauntlet or not? Some scenes show it with some have its preference i guess
  5. Little TK Boy's Avatar
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    Feb 15, 2010, 2:23 AM - Re: Need Advice! #4

    Hmm.. Intresting found.

    As far as I know the SE was just for the scene in Jabas palace. This one seems to be outside, at the sarlac.
    I know there have been some diffrent costumes for the ROTJ shots at the sarlac... This one looks like it's not SE, but an other one...
    I mean, the SE got some parts that's not like the armor in ROTJ, (like the hose, and pre pro knee, dmg JP, etc etc) but this one seems to be ROTJ costume... A ROTJ costume with ESB helmet... that's everything ROTJ exept the helmet...

    Dose this costume have a name ??? I mean.. the ROTJ is ROTJ ^^ And the SE is ESB helmet, with ROTJ costume (exept that it's parts that's diffrent from the ROTJ armor).
    Is this some kind of stunt/hero costume for the ROTJ shots... Like the one when it explodes in the Luke vs boba scene (it looks like the ESB helmet), would this be a totaly new sort of costume ? Seens it's not SE (becouse it's not inside Jabas palace with the dancing girls) and it's not ROTJ costume (becouse no ROTJ helmet)...
    Would this be an alternative for members that don't like the SE (like the hose at the missile, that's a big minus!) and wants 100% ROTJ... . exept the Helmet?

    now I want awnser ?
  6. formerly old_jedi_mind_trick Bobby Fett UK's Avatar
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    Feb 15, 2010, 3:46 AM - Re: Need Advice! #5

    Oscar, it is your suit buddy, and up to you. Realistically you should get cleared as SE with full rotj and esb lid, but check those requirements with your garrison or club. As for everything else, I would try and find a photo to reference that has as many deails that you like and then if yo can justify the changes with other photos, well that works for me. I don't use the hose on the gaunt missile. Some details like that are down to the suit being put on wrong anyway. Upside down knees etc for example.

    Interested in the damaged pack, and photo of it with SE Fett?

    Will pm ya later bud, at work now lol.
  7. High Speed Low Drag Fett 4 Real's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Feb 15, 2010, 9:37 AM - Re: Need Advice! #6

    Jabas palace scenes you never see Boba with the ESB lid below his chest...all of the other shots are ROTJ lip when hes not with the girls there are photos from the movie production, but does that count? Id say that this would be a ROTJ stunt costume? I dont know to tell the truth what its called but yes its the skiff scene...And like Bobby Fett said its your suit do it like you like. But everything you described wanting is in that pic which is a screen cap so its cannon right?

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