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  1. Aug 1, 2015, 4:06 PM - My ROTJ journal #1

    Hello all I been following the work here on TDH for a time now, I have like most people been a fan of the Fett since I was a boy and will begin my own journey of Mando madness and build a costume, one I can wear and have as a display piece. I been making things for over ten years mainly RC models 1/6th scale 1/12 etc road/air and water anything really, I have never bought a kit in my life and always made things from scratch or out of ''reclaimed'' parts.

    So I have started as most do with the bucket, found the WOF templates through Google searching I never knew card board could turn into a helmet! so thank you very much Mr WOF; I have never really made prop pieces before or things that don't move so I am a new hand to this but truly love every second of it. I am sure these builds can be truly amazing if you have the equipment to make them (casts, molds, vacu forming etc, well I don't have anything like that I have hobby craft card board and what in my garage .

    So here is what I have so far I know this thing will not get 501st approval but this one is for me

    I will let the pictures do the talking.

    The filler I use incidentally is multi purpose filler (don't seem to shrink used it many times before) it's mixed with watered down PVA make the mix smooth, consistent and dries rock solid.....bit of a pain to sand however

    Ok I will say yes, the dent is huge! it's really really dented but I will either live with it, fill it.....or make another helmet anyway, I am thinking the latter

    Now the paint is air brushed, layered one coat at a time and took along time, a very long time!

    and there we have it.....yes I know the dent is big stop looking at it apart from that not to bad for my first helmet build, I have scaled this helmet up a tad bigger than the templates, the reason being is I want to get a cooling fan I there and and servo for the RF stalk with power supply etc and I got to wear it at a con or something I don't want to sweat my skin off.

    The next part of the build is the EE Carbine blaster

    Again all built with reclaimed parts and things laying about, I do like to build to scale as it has to look at least 90% accurate so this is the result so far.

    These were the best thing I could find for the heat sink part, from what I can gather from all the plans I have there should be 12 fins.......well..... I have more but its close

    No its all primed I can rub back the rough parts, add in all the fine details and tweek it....

    That is all so far......making this will take a long time....a very long time but I will keep chipping away at it... I will need some help on the gauntlets soon as they will be next, I am not sure about a few things on the templates but I will cover that when I get to it.
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  3. 01Hawk's Avatar
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    Aug 1, 2015, 4:18 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #2

    Really cool build!
  4. Aug 1, 2015, 5:32 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #3

    Very impressive!

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  5. Aug 2, 2015, 10:10 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #4


    The carbine is done.......

    Undercoat of silver all over

    Matt black on top

    Star Wars was always best quoted as being the ''Dirty universe'' things are always beat up 3rd hand or lashed together so I try to reflect this with the weathering.

    A but more work needed on the stock to weather it down, but all in all its finished
  6. Aug 3, 2015, 3:41 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #5

    Moving on to the gauntlets next, got the templates downloaded not 100% sure how they go together and there is not many build threads on these so google images to the rescue

    I pasted the templates with water down pva so once they are curved the permeated water/glue will dry it hard

    I curved them round a tube roughly the same size as my forearm an used straps to hold in place

    The result after 8 whole hours of drying they come out solid

    That'd all I got done so far but cut out some of the other parts...

    No idea how it goes together but shouldn't be to hard to work out...Google to the rescue again
  7. Boochman's Avatar
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    Aug 4, 2015, 2:39 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #6

    That blaster looks awesome*, everything looks awesome actually...
  8. Aug 5, 2015, 2:53 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #7

    Thanks Boochman... not rushing this it definitely the key!

    More done on the gauntlet, I only work on this project a few hours a day so am on the go slow with it

    Got the upper part worked out its amazing how it comes together when you start folding, same principle with all cardboard builds it's coated in water pva mix, when it dries it really is solid...also use pva or super glue to go around the leading edge, it seals it stopping dog ears

    I added this wooden plate to the underside, the reason is to make the rear of the gauntlet rigid..It is cardboard at the end of the day, the back section that has the hose going into it will be flexing all the time and will start to wear out the gauntlet, so by adding this plate it should stiffen it all up.

    I also made this section out of wood seeing as it runs along the leading edge of the gauntlet it may take a few knocks in crowds etc so making it solid makes sense, it will be connected with magnets to the side... I always build a week link into things that can act as a controlled 'bit of destruction' let's say

    It's still in a very raw state at the moment but images of this gauntlet on the Google Web shows it to be very smooth and curved so a strong PVA filler mix of car body filler will be applied filling in all the gaps and sanding it to shape

    The clamp shell method seems to be used a lot so I went with that also. Plus the piano hinge give rigidity and a straight edge, the 'line launcher'?? Will cover the hinge

    That's all for now I need to think about how I will fill it in more detail so I can get it right.... you may notice a missing part from the inner section of the gauntlet that no long joins the other side.....I um cut it by mistake, hey ho I will just add it later..

    Stay tuned !
  9. Deriak's Avatar
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    Aug 5, 2015, 7:18 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #8

    Wow... your skills are amazing..
  10. Tfett40's Avatar
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    Apr 2015
    Aug 5, 2015, 8:00 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #9

    Fantastic job on your Carbine. I have the Hasbro toy version and I was think about ways to make the stock on it larger. You just gave me some ideas. Nice display of skills, keep it coming.
  11. Aug 6, 2015, 1:13 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #10

    Thanks for comments, any help I can be with that stock TAguirre let me know

    Now the gauntlets are coming along nicely but I have made a silly error I forgot to put the switches in before I fixed the top section down! I wanted the switches to function and 'do something'
    I will have to instal solid ones that don't move and that's just going to bug me

    I coated the whole thing in a PVA water mix to seal it in before I started filling

    got a coat of filler on it (again mixed with PVA) not it dries solid but what a pain in the butt to sand

    Now this is not finished by far but the shape is coming along nicely.... I still need to work out how the clam shell will stay shut...magnets maybe?

    now the (correct me if I am wrong) line launcher? I made from wood as I mentioned before it will take a bash or two so the more solid the better

    The rear part is going to be made of a hard wood to take the extra flex from the hose....

    that will take ages I don't have any wood sanding equipment

    I got round to starting the left gauntlet, same process as before water soaked with PVA mix water then laminated together, I leave it in place for 24 whole hours to really cure.

    I had to brace this one along the edges as it has a larger leading edge that would have folder right the way round the tube....

    Progress is slow but that's ok with me I got until next July for Comic Con showcase

    BTW I need boots! size 9 UK if anyone has any them I cannot make and somethings just need to be ''proper' and look right..
  12. toolguy301's Avatar
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    Aug 6, 2015, 2:24 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #11

    Now the gauntlets are coming along nicely but I have made a silly error I forgot to put the switches in before I fixed the top section down! I wanted the switches to function and 'do something'
    I will have to instal solid ones that don't move and that's just going to bug me
    You can still put the switches in but you will have to cut out some of the inner section under that top piece. This is actually a good idea cause you can get some glue or resin on the inside which will help make this stronger. This is what I had to do with mine which were a scratch build using a pepakura file based off of the WOF templates.
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  13. Aug 6, 2015, 3:21 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #12

    I thought about it but I have the reinforcement plate bolted and bonded to the underside.... now way that thing coming off now haha.... I may be able to squeeze it in I will look into it later....either way back filling it with resin is a good idea thanks for that 👍
  14. Aug 7, 2015, 3:35 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #13

    Filled the right gauntlet today.. I have a coat of primer on it to highlight any areas that need more work..

    I need to work out a good solid way to keep these things closed and stop them falling off...I have these stupidly powerful neodymium magnets that may do the trick

    I have started the left gauntlet..drawing these templates out took 'quite some time' glad it's only the once

  15. Aug 8, 2015, 11:53 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #14

    Been at the gauntlet again doing a few bits...

    Seeing as I forgot the switches I had to make some.... so my recipe is two nails

    Chop off the heads, put them in a pillar drill and spin them on a file to get the desired shape

    A couple of nuts on the front creates a good illusion I think..

    I made the rear hose block from wood

    I counter sunk two bolts to keep things smooth, they will go through the reinforcement plate I added earlier

    Copper pipe for the hose lines, I try to bolt thing together rather than glue it; it makes for a better connection from part to part and is serviceable

    That will make sense below

    So that is kind of where I am at with it at the moment, it has since been filled to take out all the imperfections so it's mostly white again.... I need to make the darts next and do something with the hose connectors at the rear...

    I did manage to get the damn thing to stay shut with one 'just one' of these neodymium magnets.... It is insanely strong, I have to pry the thing apart with both hands to open it....

    The tab it's on is just card, I needed a proof of concept it would actually work before I committed to fixing it permanently. .....and well it sure works so I will come up with something better than the card trick..

    That's all for now
  16. Aug 10, 2015, 3:08 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #15

    That's freaking sweet!
  17. Aug 13, 2015, 10:16 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #16

    Thanks man 👍 been at the left gauntlet a bit more.... so many ridges on this one and the rocket will need a special touch to try and make that!

    Moving on the the flame thrower section...quite straight forward

    Bit of back filling done, will need a good coat all over to smooth it out

    The top section is totally sanded and smooth, I will give it a flick of primer when they are both ready and then get it mounted on the forearm section

    I have a long way to go with the whole outfit... I have a lot of soft parts on order from Bobamaker and MOW so it should start to resemble something soon

    And not just this haha.....

    Hey ho it's all fun right?
  18. ToEleven's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Aug 13, 2015, 10:30 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #17

    That blaster tho! ...and gauntlets! ...and helmet!!!

    It looks like your hard work is paying off. Good work!
  19. fomare's Avatar
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    Aug 2014
    Aug 13, 2015, 1:07 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #18

  20. Member Since
    Apr 2014
    Aug 13, 2015, 1:47 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #19

    These cardboard builds blow me away. Fantastic work! I really love the carbine
  21. Aug 16, 2015, 1:46 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #20

    Cardboard is a good building medium, its durability however is untested

    Moving on with a bit more progress the gauntlets are almost finished, I have been playing with a few ideas on making the rocket, darts, flame thrower tips etc but have nothing I am 100% happy with

    I started with the rocket.

    I used a funnel for the tip, wooden handle from a broom for the main body, a little paint tin for one of the rear parts and part of a door stop for the rest...that took a lot of scanning things around me basically looking at everything and whipping out a ruler to measure anything I think will work

    anyway I start from the tip and work my way back, put a funnel in a drill with a box cutter in a clamp and spun it on the blade to get a perfect cut.

    thats all I have for the rocket for what ever reason I took no more photos of the build..... its not finished so I will come back to it in an update....

    What I have made progress on is the little flashing light in the left gauntlet

    A rip to Maplin (love that place) I got a 5 mm flashing LED, switch and battery tray

    a couple of hours later and its in, works great to

    I know mine has a dome cover on it and it should be one with a flat top, but I was holding a red pen and that was it it had to go on top, I will wait until I have a suitable replacement part for it.

    So this is where I am at now, I need to make the darts, finish the rocket and get some hose...then its on to paint....anyone know the humbrol paint code for these?
  22. Aug 19, 2015, 3:06 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #21

    Am moving on slowly with these its hard to find all the time I need around work and home life etc but they must come first...

    I have made the dental expander and installed the tips on the left gauntlet, will be time for paint soon has anyone got the humbrol paint number for these by any chance that would be helpful?

    also painted them with silver undercoat.

    I know the dental expander is a tad big but i feel it still sits well with the overall look.

    I am having trouble making this rocket still, mainly finding the right part for the tip! I have tried with funnel, cardboard and a few other ideas but nothing has the desired effect for me, I want it solid so it can take a knock and made in a way I can dismantle for repairs etc....

    I have one more idea that involves paper, half a funnel and glues sticks

    I will test the idea I have in mind and report back on it... all

    thats left is the darts and hose.....darts are tricky to make solid without a lathe to....
  23. Jesuit24's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Aug 19, 2015, 6:39 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #22

    I'd say I've tested the durability of my cardboard build pretty thoroughly. Aside from some bondo chipping off the gaunts due to a feisty member of staff forcing a wristband on me at Comic Con, they've held up well. A few weeks ago, I accidentally dropped a suitcase on my cardboard helmet (and by dropped I may as well have said thrown given how hard it landed); the visor shattered but there was only one crack in the dome. No crumpling or denting. Just one crack, so as long as you've fiberglassed the interior and resin/bondoed the exterior you shouldn't have any problems with it aside from a torrential downpour.
  24. Aug 20, 2015, 4:31 AM - Re: My ROTJ journal #23

    Ah yes rain..... I could only imagen the horror of the gewy soggy mess that would end up on the floor as a puddle... I guess time will tell how it fairs when wearing it, I plan on wearing it to maybe 3 or 4 shows then it will become a dsiplay piece after that.

    I am hording cardboard at the moment to make a mannequin.
  25. Aug 22, 2015, 1:52 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #24

    Moving on with the gauntlets.... I think I have a good rocket coming together...The one I make will go on the gauntlet to fill the space so to speak but will buy a "proper one" down the line...I am just not happy with the results when it comes to making all them holes in the tip...

    Anyway could not find a Humbrol paint for these that wasn't I used VW Gambia Red

    This didn't help much as this was a very mild gloss, I will simply hit it with a clear coat of Matt when I am done with them

    I used Windsor and Newton masking fluid on it for the large areas that are easy to peel off...problem is the fine scratches man alive they are fiddly to peel...

    So they are still very raw, very basic and still need all the accessories to go on... a lot of weathering to do to bring the tone down a bit but all in all very happy so far..

    So I have a helemt, carbine and gauntlets......The rooooooooadddd iiiiiisssss loooooonnnggg...

    More to come....
  26. Aug 22, 2015, 1:57 PM - Re: My ROTJ journal #25

    P.S I update most 'if not all' of my journal with my phone....and it keeps replacing the word Helmet with "Hemlet or Helemt " it's quite irritating I do correct can be a proper fly in the ointment sometimes

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