Hello, Im new here and I'd like for you to see my plan for a ROTJ Fett :)Subscribe
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    Oct 14, 2012, 11:51 PM - Hello, Im new here and I'd like for you to see my plan for a ROTJ Fett :) #1

    Hello, My name is BorisY, and my goal is to make a somewhat movie replica of Boba fett's armor from ROTJ. I have made a suit in the past about 2 years ago, but i kinda rushed it for Halloween. It was my last year of school and i really wanted to show off a Boba Fett costume. I did get 2nd place

    Anywho, here is my plan for my 2.0 build. I will take more time with this and make is as movie accurate as possible. Also, I'd really appricate any suggestions you have for me, as im quite new to this still.

    Things ill be buying:

    -Both left and right gauntlets
    -Jump Suit
    -Back plate (I have an interesting idea for mounting the jetpack involving strong magnets for this backplate)

    Now, here are the things i'm going to make using strategy's others have used in the past to pull off some good looking suits:

    -Helmet: Going to use the Hasbro helmet. Im going to do some mods so the visor doesn't look stupid for sure though
    -Chest Armor/Cod Peice/shoulder peices/but plate (Forgive me i totally forgot what its called): I'll be using the Trash can method
    -Knee armor/Ammo belt/cape: Im going to use the ones from my first build, they turned out pretty decent actually
    -Jetpack: Ill be scrath building this one.

    Everything else i should be able to handle with a bit of time and creativity.

    Some questions i would like answered:
    -Whats the best way to attach the chest armor to the flak jacket?
    -Who makes somewhat good accurate left and right gauntlets for a decent price?
    -Whats the cheapest ROTJ jump suit? Im not looking for anything special
    -Who makes boots?
    -Should i buy a flack jacket for a non movie accurate fett? Or for my purposes, should i just make one from a hoddie or something?
    -What material should i use for scratch building a jetpack?

    All help is appreciated guys! Thanks alot!

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    Oct 15, 2012, 12:12 AM - Hello, Im new here and I'd like for you to see my plan for a ROTJ Fett :) #2

    Hey mate i did a hasbro bucket mod but you probably dont want to get as cartied away as i did! As for the jetpack and armour im scratch building both out of sintra and pvc cement using wizard of flight templates that you can download on this site just search for them. Im in the same boat ad you but im trying to make my fett as acurate as i can on a total budget!! I dont have $3000 to drop on a costume so time, patience and a bit of creativity is what you need! The members on here are really helpful. If you got any questions on your hasbro fire away!
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