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    I found a red "Flotools multipurpose funnel" in Walmart's auto section. I beleive the part number is 10701RB. It has the exact nozzel shape as the WOF thruster template. I brushed in resin and layered in fiberglass matt. I had to slice the funnel open to pull the part. I then taped the funnel up and did a second. Fiber glass will not stick to poly type plastics. Vasaline makes for a cheap mold release.

    For the spheres, I took a 60mm craft ball with the vasaline as a release, put Bond into about 1/3 of the depth of one of the half spheres and let it harden. I then added resin and fiberglass matt to both halfs. The craft ball halfs ealsily chip off. You have to trim the two new fiberglass halfs carefully to get a sphere. Obviosly it all needs to be glassed together. In the Bondo layer in the one half sphere, I will drill/carve the needed details.

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