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  1. Nov 15, 2011, 9:13 AM - ESB Jetpack paints and airbrush question #1

    Hopefully I am not repeating what someone else said!

    I am moving forward in my build of a Fett ESB. I will be looking to get 501 approval and troop with them (eventually).

    My plan (for what that is worth!) is to do each piece one at a time. My first piece will be the jetpack. I will post my progress and am excited about the project and advice and help from fellow members.

    I am going to start priming and painting a MOW jetpack. I want to make it look like the ESB pack. I have seen lots of great pictures here, but I know that depending on the color of one's monitor, the green and other colors can be different shades!

    Does anyone know what paints to use for the whole jetpack - from primer to finish?

    I was going to use spray cans and have seen that air brushing seems the way to go. So I will be getting an air brush kit too (anyone that has any recommendations for a good kit, not expensive, I would appreciate that too !)

    Once again I am excited about this and look forward to completing a great Fett with all of your help!!
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