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    Dec 19, 2015, 10:56 AM - ESB Boba Fett costume progress and first public trooping #1

    In anticipation of the new movie opening, I revamped my halloween costume and built a jetpack. For the weathering and battle damage, I used Testors Flat Steel as a silver scratch base, brush applied, and outlined the scratches with a dark gray and a "weathered concrete" paint pens that I found in a set in the plastic model section of my local craft store.

    I tried a t-visor from but, it was too dark and didn't fit my scratch-built helmet quite right. So, I reverted to a clear styrene sheet with 35% car window tint. You can see my nose if you look, but much easier to see out of, and more flexible to fit my helmet.

    I built my jetpack in 2 days using Alan Sinclair's templates. I used a mix of illustration board, foam core, and cardboard shipping tube for the main structure. The missile(?) cone parts are styrofoam craft store cones wrapped with crardstock. I was in a time crunch and so used spray paint can lids for the top/bottom tanks, with rubber wall door-knob bumpers on top. The jets are 2.5" craft balls (for ornaments) with auto fluid funnel cones, affixed to a 1" pvc pipe using a mix of hot glue and poly spray foam. Painted using the same colors as my armor. For now it's worn via a strap around my neck, not comfy but it only weighs 2 lbs, 13 oz.

    For some fun, I added a metal tube with slots for the beacon to the top, and found a LED light kit at the auto parts store to illuminate it and my right gauntlet. The kit is designed for 12V but works just as well on a 9V battery. I carry the battery and control in my right hip pouch. The control allows both red and white, just red, just white, or none.

    I weathered and battle-damaged my cape after adding more orange in the form of spray-on dye. Changed to magnets from velcro to hold the cape to my collarbone plate.

    I have been at the theater showing the new movie for 2 nights now, and will go again tonight and tomorrow. In exchange, they are giving me movie passes for future movies. I see the new movie today at 4pm.

    Because I'm a volunteer for the theater, they're allowing me to wear my helmet inside, but no blaster. The response has been overwhelmingly good, with all the kids really enjoying seeing me, and most adults too. Lots of photo-ops and fist-bumps. Lots of fun conversations with fans young and old.

    I have a lot to add still; boots, proper gloves, the right color wookie scalps, ammo belt and rope belt to name a few. But, having so much fun!

    Some of the supplies I used:


    My jetpack before painting:


    Hunter Green base coat:


    At the theater:


    Some fans... Diminutive Leia makes me look impressive, most impressive...


    More fans with cute, home-made costumes:

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    Dec 19, 2015, 12:40 PM - Re: ESB Boba Fett costume progress and first public trooping #2

    Wow and you're enthusiasm is awesome, I'm always in awe of crew who scratch build anything esp. helm's and JP's,
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    Dec 20, 2015, 11:14 AM - Re: ESB Boba Fett costume progress and first public trooping #3

    Thanks, it's been fun!

    Yesterday I added a 12V flashing red LED to the viewfinder and wired it up with a 9V battery, works but I need to change it so the two lights stick out, right now they're flush. I ran tiny wires down the stalk and into my helmet where I attached a 9V battery using velcro. The battery adds a surprising amount of weight to my otherwise very light helmet.

    I also "weathered" my flightsuit for the first time, with strategic dusting of flat black spray paint. The change was small, but made a big difference in overall appearance. Also applied more flat clear spray paint to dull down my helmet. It was too shiny on top. I tried painting the white glove shapes onto my gloves but the paint didn't really work. It shows in photos though, so I might try again with white primer instead of paint.

    During yesterday's display/photo-op/trooping (Is that what that term "trooping" is used for? Walking around in costume?) with kids and fans, I also got to finally see the new movie, it was great. Transitioning from walking around to sitting for 2 hours was difficult, I think I need to make my costume more comfortable and/or transition more easily. For instance, my lighting system needs plugs to make disconnecting my jetpack easier.

    While sitting in the movie I felt the elastic of my knee armor let go, so I repaired it later in the lobby with some screws borrowed from the knee dart mounts. Also, the self-adhesive velcro on my flightsuit would not stay sometimes, I'll sew it on. The codpiece and butt armor connection is the most difficult for me, it wants to come undone and so I slip my wide belt over it to hold it in place. My pouches are not very shapely, they sag a lot. I probably need to put some soft foam blocks in them. Still figuring it out, obviously!

    Right now I don't have boots. I'm looking for the right boots for me, something close but that needs to be customized. The shape and style are tricky. So, I have gray Keds with extra long spats. The Keds are sort of the right color but I haven't striped or dyed them, and, no toe spikes. Originally I was going to glue foam spikes to the toes but didn't, and not sure that would have lasted.

    I think I'll get more small magnets to mount my armor. It's a fiddly and time-consuming process to mount it up to velcro. The magnets I already have on my collar plate for my cape work great, so I'll get more of those. I also need to make a flack vest which will help a lot, I can just leave the armor attached to the vest and put it on instead.

    The lighting kit I used works well, I like being able to change it from red to white while people are looking. The chest display I have is mediocre, but people notice it. It's details like this that really make it look "real". Eventually I want to put bright red LEDs in the jetpack jet cones, perhaps with a jet noise from the bottom of the pack... future plans.

    Overall very rewarding. The theater manager was telling me how fun it was watching kids notice me and then decide if they wanted to approach me or not. If a kid looks scared I take my helmet off to show them I'm just a person inside, doesn't always work. My costume is not a film-quality or 501st approved design yet, but the fan response has been great. Lots of compliments from Boba fans and regular fans. Most are surprised I made it myself.
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