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    Jun 25, 2009, 12:44 PM - CABOOTS RESTOCK COMING SOON...HOPEFULLY... #1

    hey guys, just wanted to let you know, got off the phone with CAboots down in El Paso, TX, and was informed that the molds are being worked on this summer, and the Boba Fett boot should be coming out again in August...

    i am sure some of you have spoken with CAboots as well, and this information may just be smoke coming from you know where... however, what could it hurt to have people needing boots to go to the CAboots wesite, and go to their contact page here,

    and send in an email in regards to being put on the list...this may show how much of a need there is for people to complete their costume with some nice boots... and maybe shorten the completion date of their new boots, and show that there is a demand for these...

    just put in your email, so they can notify you of when the sale will begin, in regards to Boba Fett costume boots, and in the message say you want to be put on the waiting list, and what size you are looking for...

    this may get the ball rolling faster, or it may be another dead's worth a try!

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