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    I know this subject was covered in an earlier post, but as there seems to be an influx of many newer members, I figured that I would bring up the subject again.
    It is important that before one buys a set of armor, that they do the research and make sure that their prospective purchase will fit their body type proportionally. While I thought that I did just that, after getting my BM armor this past weekend, it seems that I was wrong. My new armor is way too small for me. While the quality of daz's armor is good, I was surprised to find out that he changed to ABS from fiberglass. Since I had prior some of his FG armor(so I was told), I was surprised to see it be ABS.
    While I am not throwing mud (or trying to) at BM's stuff, it would have been nice to know that he was changing mediums before I placed my order. I wanted my most of my armor to be the same material, so I was caught off guard by the change.
    As for sizing, my best advice is that anyone 5'11 or more go with RKD or FP. Their stuff will fit bigger people like myself (6'4"), without it looking like your wearing your kids Halloween costume.
    Again I'm not trying to upset anyone, I just want to let new members know that they should consider their body size before ordering armor, regardless of whom they order from.

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