Anyone willing to lend me a Webley to take molds?Subscribe
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    Nov 29, 2012, 10:04 PM - Anyone willing to lend me a Webley to take molds? #1

    So the Webley that was for sale, i ended up not being able to get as my wife's website client dragged her feet to pay her, and she was going to spot the cash

    The main reason i wanted it was to take molds to be able to make my own kits and built EE-3s.

    I can fabricate the barrel clamps, and have a vintage scope, scope rings and molex connectors to take molds from....i just need the actual Webley lol

    I figured id ask, as id hope anyone here would know i wouldnt run away with your webley.

    As a thanks for doing this i can offer a kit, though if you have the real deal, not sure if you would want/need that lol I can also offer an E-11 pipe build kit, or built PVC pipe E-11. Im currently in the process of making molds off of a real Sterling. I can also offer painting services. I also have greeblies n such i can throw in as well.

    Let me know if anyone of you Webley owners are willing to do this..thanks Hunters!

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