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    Feb 13, 2010, 9:28 PM - Alternate Jetpack attachment? #1

    Hey guys I'm down to my last real project on my Fett. The Jetpack. I've got a ROTJ JP that I have to turn into a ESB....thanks FD...and I've been pondering somethings.

    Has anyone attached the JP perm to the armor backplate? I was dreaming up something with a lot of the BIG rare earth magnets attached both on bot the backplate and jetpack and then when you go to wear it..."thump" it attaches with magnets with the harness more for show than support.


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    Feb 13, 2010, 9:35 PM - Re: Alternate Jetpack attachment? #2

    hey man, i think that the wieght of the jetpack would pull the backplate down if the jetpack wasnt attached to the harness...there has to be something that carries the weight of the pack, and if you just had it stuck onto the backplate, i think you would find that all your stuff would wind up at your rear...if there was a way to attach some system to the backplate to keep it from sliding, that might work...maybe attach the backplate to the harness some how...??? but that may have the same physics to it as just having the jetpack hooked into the harness...

    how about this...ever use a water skiing life vest? i know, they are very bulky, but that same idea, where is fits like a vest...attach the backplate to a vest of some sort to keep the backplate from sliding down, and then do the jetpack like you mentioned...

    i would certainly have the jetpack "hooked" into the rings on the shoulder straps regardless, just in case the magnets failed, or you bumped into something, or someone, keeping the pack from hitting the ground...

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