Webley No 1 Mark 'I' Flare Gun

Webley flare gun esb.jpg
ManufacturerWebley & Scott
Part NameNo. 1 Mark "I"
Mfg Part #31271 (Serial)
Approximate pricePrice varies. $550.00 - $1,500.00
AvailabilityFairly rare but available on gunbroker.com from time to time.
Purchase URLn/a
Used for
The Webley is the base weapon for Boba Fett's Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Blastech EE-3.
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Additional information
The stock of the Webley and Scott No. 1 Mark "I" is made from walnut.

(Return of the Jedi Hero Blastech EE-3)
Webley flare gun rotj.png

(Empire Strikes Back Hero Blastech EE-3)
Webley flare gun esb.jpg
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