Return of the Jedi

Episode VI

Director: Richard Marquand

Writers: George Lucas (story, screenplay), Lawrence Kasdan (screenplay)

Release Date: 25 May 1983 (USA)

Preproduction title: Revenge of the Jedi

Dummy title: Blue Harvest


Several shots during the 'Jabba Palace' scenes were flipped (by flipping the negative) during editing to 'correct' Fett's location. Throughout he would jump back and forth from Jabba's left and right side. These shots can be easily noticed when Boba Fett Helmet Rangefinder is on the wrong side of his head.

The damaged rocket pack was used during filming of the Special Edition. It can be clearly seen when Fett walks away from the dancing girls.

An ESB style painted stunt helmet was used for the shot of Fett flying to the skiff.

Freeze frame reveals Boba Fett's Rocket Pack to be already damaged right before Han Solo smashes it.

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