Return of the Jedi Cape

The cape is created from a US military shelter half.

Not all military shelter halves have correct stitching! Only about 1 in 10 shelter halves is correct. The correct stitching is pictured in graphic 1A below. Be sure to specify this when you place an order with one of the companies below or BEFORE you bid on a shelter half on eBay. You can still use an incorrectly stitched shelter half but it will not be 100% accurate to the screen used prop.


The following tools will be needed:

  • Sharp cutting instrument (X-acto knife)
  • Carpenter's square
  • Cloth marking pencil
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Heavy duty black thread
  • Small grommet and grommet attachment tool
  • Blunt instrument (straight screwdriver or metal file)
  • Sharp Scissors

STEP ONE ? Prepping the shelter half:
Wash and thoroughly dry shelter half. Iron out wrinkles. Lay shelter half on flat surface with snaps facing up. Each shelter half is stamped with "US" on one side. This side should be facing up as well. Using carpenter's square and marking pencil draw outline of cape on shelter half (pic 1A). Cape is 29.25" wide by 36" long. Cape extends 4" to left of wide stitches and 5.25" to right of narrow stitches (pic 1B). Using a sharp cutting instrument, cut out cape.

Shelter half.jpg

Cape 01.jpg

STEP TWO ? Folding Edges:
F old section A under on each side of cape (pic 2A) and iron flat to create sharp crease. Next fold section B under and iron flat to create sharp crease. Ensure lines are straight and even. Repeat process (pic 2B) folding sections A under first then section B. Total dimensions of cape are now 27.25" wide by 35" long.

Cape 02.jpg

Cape 03.jpg

STEP THREE ? Sewing edges:
Sew folded edges in place with heavy duty black thread. Stitching should fall .25" from edge of cloth.

Cape 04.jpg

STEP FOUR ? Attachment point:
Attach small grommet to lower right corner of cape. Attach to cape via outer most silver cube on left side of collar armor. Bolt from silver cube goes through grommet then through collar armor and is held in place by large washer and nut.

Cape 05.jpg

STEP FIVE ? Weathering:
Using combination of blunt instrument and sharp scissors cut and shred bottom of cape. After cuts have been made, wash cape with other clothing. Holes will increase and fray. Wash several times if necessary. Hang to dry. Do not dry in clothes dryer as this will make cape fuzzy. NOTE: It is important NOT to over weather! Better too little than too much.

Cape 06.jpg
(originally from Brak\'s Buddy RotJ Cape Tutorial
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