Molex Connectors

Molex connector.jpg
Molex connector rifle.jpg
ManufacturerAMP or Tyco
Part Name6 Circuit "Mate-N-Lok" pinhousing
Mfg Part #AMP part number 1-163035-0 (6 pin)
Approximate pricen/a
AvailabilityAvailable through Electronic Wholesalers or samples may be ordered directly from Tyco
Purchase URLn/a
CharacterBoba Fett
Used for
Greeblies on Empire Strikes Back EE-3
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Additional information
4 Molex connectors (two per side) are affixed to the custom scope mounts on either side of Boba Fett's ESB Blastech EE-3. While usually white/cream, the connectors seen on the ESB rifle are painted/dyed flat black.
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