Michell Engineering Turntable Sweep arm

Michell sweeparm.jpg
ManufacturerJ.A. Michell Engineering
Part NameSweep Arm Assembly
Mfg Part #n/a
Approximate pricePrice varies from around $35 - $85.
AvailabilityAvailable from time to time on eBay, especially ebay.de
Purchase URLn/a
Used for
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Additional information
This sweep arm assembly was made by J.A. Michell Engineering who make high end turntables. The sweep arm assembly contains 3 parts used for Boba Fett's costume and 2 parts are found on the Boba Fett Super Trooper Blaster.

(images of the Pivot Spindle used for the darts on the right Gauntlet)

Darts prop.jpg

(images of the Sweep Arm Stand used for the Targeting Range Finder or 'Stabilizer' on the Jet Pack)

Rocket pack adjustment.jpg

Rocket pack adjustment prop.jpg

(images of the brush holder used for the Knee Dart and Boot Spikes)

Knee dart prop.jpg

Boot spike prop.jpg

There are at least three shaft variations and two base variations for the Sweep arm. A tall shaft w/short base (used for the rocket pack stabilizer), a mid sized shaft w/a tall base (used for the Supertrooper Automatic Blaster, and a very short sized shaft which does not appear on any Fett related components (not pictured).

(image of the mid sized shaft w/tall base)

Michell sweeparm prepro gun.jpg

(image of tall shaft w/short base compared to the mid sized shaft w/tall base)

Michell sweeparm prepro gun2.jpg

(Left: Boba Fett's Jet Pack Stabilizer, Right: Supertrooper Baster)

(parts discovered by Wes J and friends in 2007)
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