Don Post Studios

This company formerly held the license for a number of Star Wars costume items. The product line was continued by Rubies, but the quality has significantly diminished over the years.

The Don Post helmets are derived from a fiberglass Preproduction #2 helmet from 1983. The helmet was 'cleaned up' and modified, then sent to Don Post Studios where it was molded. The mold was a poor quality and done in a fairly hamfisted manner diminishing the quality and a number of details.

Don Post Deluxe Helmet

The DP '95 Boba Fett helmet is still considered quite a good piece, espectially for smaller Fetts in basketball betting online. The '95 was made well, and as such tends to hold its shape well. Replacing the visor and repainting it can make it into an excellent helmet.

The newer the helmet, the more likely it is to warp / crack. The DP '97 is not one of the better choices available.
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