Anti-Security Blade

"Kept in Fett?s shin pockets, these sophisticated electronic instruments can defeat fence fields and tune out security cameras and other alarm systems by the use of intense harmonic interference waves. Set higher, they can erase magnetic locks and give entry to nearly any door. Boba Fett uses them individually for most purposes, using sever together to create a safe anti-security field for secret forced entries." ? Visual Dictionary

The Anti-Security Blade is one of four tools, commonly referred to as "shin tools" because they are found in the pockets located on the shins of Boba Fett's flight suit.

The Anti-Security Blade is composed of the cut end of a Paterson RC Print Squeegee, two turned aluminum Stylus Brushes from a J.A. Michell Engineering Hydraulic Reference Turntable, and a rectangular piece of black plastic. Black electrical tape is used to secure the aluminum parts to the cut end of the Paterson squeegee.

The Anti-Security Blade is different in ESB and ROTJ.
The ROTJ has a red stripe on the Paterson Squeegee piece and the blade itself is longer. The added length causes the Anti-Security Blade to protrude farther out of the shin pocket on the ROTJ version.

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