Abbreviations and Acronyms

ANH - A New Hope

AoSW - Art of Star Wars Exhibit

AotC - Attack of the Clones

BM - Bobamaker (TDH member)

bucket - helmet

C1 - Celebration 1

C2 - Celebration 2

C3 - Celebration 3

C4 - Celebration 4

CT - clonetrooper

DC - Dragon*Con

DP - Don Post Studios

DP 95 - Don Post's Economy Helmet released in 1995.

DP Dlx - Don Post's Deluxe Helmet

ESB - The Empire Strikes Back

FP - Fettpride (TDH member)

gaunt - gauntlet

mando - Mandalorian

MLC - Mlcallanta, aka Mardon (Custom sculpted a Boba Fett helmet for larger heads)

MoM - Magic of Myth Exhibit

MoW - Man of War Studios (TDH member)

MR - Master Replicas

MSH1 - Movie Sized Helmet #1 (Sculpted by Natty15d over a DP 95)

MSH2 - Movie Sized Helmet #2 (A rework of MSH1 by Fettpride)

MSH3 - Movie Sized Helmet #3, aka FPH or Fettpride helmet (A rework of MSH2 by Fettpride)

MS - Mystery Helmet. An early version of the Don Post helmet with lineage back to the Preproduction 2 helmet. Most notably sold by Sgt Fang and Marrow Sun. Unfortunately this helmet has been the most popular for re-casters.

PP1 - Preproduction #1

PP2 - Preproduction #2

PP3 - Preproduction #3

Prepro - Preproduction

RF - Rangefinder

RotJ - Return of the Jedi

RotS - Revenge of the Sith

RPF - Replica Props Forum

SDCC - San Diego Comic Con

SE - Special Edition

SW - Star Wars

TCW - The Clone Wars

TD - sandtrooper

TDH - The Dented Helmet

TK - stormtrooper

TPM - The Phantom Menace

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