AM Aerial Earth Plug

Am grounding plugs rifle.jpg
Part NameLMK/AM Aerial Earth Connector
Mfg Part #730 851
Approximate pricen/a
AvailabilityNearly impossible to find originals. Castings are available from time to time.
Purchase URLn/a
CharacterBoba Fett
Used for
Empire Strikes Back EE-3
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Additional information
The earth plugs are injection molded plastic housings that fold in half and lock over a pair of connector pins. They are used, in the unfolded position on either side of Boba Fett's ESB Blastech EE-3. Two plugs are used on the right side of the stock (the outside of the stock if held in the right hand) and one on the left side of the stock of the rifle. The plugs seen on the ESB rifle are painted flat black. These plugs are also found on the Rebel Portable Scanner and Darth Vader's neckbrace.
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